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@Super70sSports I had GI Joe's and they were gender neutral under the clothes. Congrats to Hasbro! 😜
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RT @BKilby: Going to #Joelanta with my five year old nephew today, and he just asked me what GI Joe was. There's a reason for that.
(Bombardeiro em Ação) - GI Joe from Brazil -... - https://t.co/sNzqloAro1 https://t.co/XoRZ13sAdp
#Transformers Preview: Revolutionaries #3 - Gi Joe Adventure Team Encounters Decepticon Soundwave!… https://t.co/1ziNMnO0mn
Preview: Revolutionaries #3 - Gi Joe Adventure Team Encounters Decepticon Soundwave! https://t.co/bThIfZfNar https://t.co/I8J2qOlgGc
RT @comicsalliance: The Dreadnoks Are Back At It Again In 'GI Joe' #3 [Preview] https://t.co/0hATlBVgia https://t.co/0k3BnayZtU
@JoeCorey7 Happy Birthday, Joe. Enjoy !
Happy Birthday @Joe_Rogers_ 😍 hope it was a good one buddy❤️ https://t.co/RXL9bEtzvo
you can learn way more about gi joe on the tfwiki than you can on the actual gi joe wiki
Just released "G.i - All about the money" on #toneden https://t.co/REMOtgcY4W
@joegarden Happy Birthday, Joe!
One of the shows on ID had a guy named gi joe and I was like you've gotta be fuckin kidding me.
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@mydmac To some a bit of sick in the mouth is a come on. Not me! Joe ? If that JoeBiden ? Gi Joe Go Joe or Joseph of Arimathea #MortuaryMan
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@aalgar my 10-year old daughter & I really appreciate your GI Joe reviews
@JoeHopkin1 happy birthday joe ❤💃🏼 hope you're having the best time in oz x
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