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Happy 40 years to these two #lovebirds - my incredible parents. #happyanniversary #truelove https://t.co/9326ugbtPE
Happy 40 day streak ✨✨✨😈😈😈💕💕💕‼️‼️‼️‼️ @johnsonchris191
Happy 40 days in paradise, Auntie 👼🏼💓
RT @NSEXYHoran: 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 @NiallOfficial Can you please follow @NIALLIHeartU 😇 She's one of the most dedicated Nialler girl!!💃She'd be so happy!!! 👍👫 40
RT @DivideAConquer: @Krojak krograts man :) happy 40,000 subs :)
Happy 40, Ruben. Que pases un día precioso!!!
@wittwitbarista Happy 40, you Bicentennial baby, you!
RT @lucie_waidson: @HowardDonald any chance of a happy 40 th from u 4 one of your oldest fans?! #25yrs #stillcrazyafteralltheseyears #massivefan ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️
@lilacjikook happy 40% discount sa pamasahe
kemaren di wgl ada yg ngirim mf "happy 40 anniversary!" gila gila 40 tahun kapelan. gue belom lahir udh kapelan kali itu dua orang
Happy 40 minutes late bday @brijay56!!! I hope you had a wonderful day 💕
@Krojak krograts man :) happy 40,000 subs :)
@sam_armytage @sunriseon7 happy 40 birtday i hope u get many presents from your family friends i wish you a happy birthday....
Носовые платки Bella универсальные Персик Happy 40+40 шт (5900516421502): Вella Happy - марка с основательной и… https://t.co/8QWSd9vTFs
RT @skinddeep: baso irls at this point (happy 40 days) https://t.co/NVEYxRBPjn
RT @skinddeep: baso irls at this point (happy 40 days) https://t.co/NVEYxRBPjn
A little late in the day as I'm soaking up the sun! But happy 40 years service to our amazing manager! Thanks for everything you do Chris!!
baso irls at this point (happy 40 days) https://t.co/NVEYxRBPjn
Safia Seivwrights TV Show, AIRS from QUEENS Tuesdays 3:00PM on fios 34 QPTV TWC 56 1hr. (repeat) Happy 40 plus years in Media Safia.BK/Qns
and because its TUESDAY... i CHOOSE to be HAPPY #40! still a holiday.....in Bulacan only..but i study in the Metro! #ALDUBWaitingForYES
RT @proudlyinspired: @PizzaHutCanada where are the topping and cheese? The restaurant said this is the "recipe". Not happy! $40 for what? https://t.co/9k87ybHZbR
RT @Mason_Alford: Happy 40 day streak to this cute puppy. 😍😘 @ashleeyjo02 https://t.co/0APvo7Lx4F