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tbh I'm not happy 4 winnin the contribution thingy We should have won Artist of the Year-October since Three Words topped the monthly chart.
@Kripparrian puzzled by the vaporizer - the "Ricola" tells me to wish u get better soon. but dat grin tells me to wish u Happy 4:20!
Happy 4 months babe I love you so much And you are so beautiful your my first love! your my world I'm so glad you a… https://t.co/IVCgmdEayr
When I ws young, I'd probably wld have said: "I'm jealous". Now I am very happy 4 ppl. My envy = gone. I am just pleased! 👍🏻 @VeganShoesLon
RT @sukritisri510: @i_rituuuu @OfficialHelly7 @Fathiami1 yeah..she was lyk "bura saya" for our teju..thank god she herself unfollowed her..happy 4 teja
RT @shandriceee: Happy 4 months love! 💘 This is only the beginning 🤞🏽💍. @Ap17_jailyn https://t.co/MubXsrODKA
@hodakotb I adopted my daughter at later age. Your news brought back memory of incredible joy at that first meeting! So genuinely happy 4 u!
@Lynennas you could tell me anything and I wouldn't be upset with you. You could tell me that something amazing happened & I'd be happy 4 u
happy 4 years of Heartbreak Girl u babes @5SOS
@i_rituuuu @OfficialHelly7 @Fathiami1 yeah..she was lyk "bura saya" for our teju..thank god she herself unfollowed her..happy 4 teja
@emmerdale Best moment WAS + usually AFTER the ceremony together ie. outside as a couple -2017 😄! ? Also happy 4 duffy + charlie. 😌
After #NasaLaunch i can confirm the 36bloggers of jubilee made a pre-mature ejaculation thr"#nasacollapse im happy 4 #NASAInstrumentsOfHope
@Msegsy Happy 4.5th buddy, have a good one!
@thepooluk @salihughes I remember reading about yr Christmas without children + I hoped that you wd find a great guy to love. So happy 4 u!
This always complicates me, they say f u wanna be happy 4 the rest of your life, never marry a pretty woman, Whats wrong with pretty woman?
@KartineeMag rambut dah la hensem macam griezmann. So happy 4 u guys :')
RT @ice_karhu: 【拡散希望!!!!🐻🍦】 🎉🎉🎉解禁🎉🎉🎉 アイスカルフ、1st.ミニアルバム " DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY ! " 4/21(金)@心斎橋BRONZE Giftnest × アイスカルフ Wレコ発ライブ「今… https://t.co/f2wclH3MjL
man it's almost 2 AM and I think too deep about things. happy 4 years heartbreak girl. I love you
https://t.co/zM1azU0tjK Jonathon Rhys Meyers Movie trailer flor The Clash This jonny me Irish love He had a baby… https://t.co/TfQLI6dsiT
RT @EvMiriamMwangi: sometimes u need to keep ur good news to urself.Everybody is not genuinely happy 4 u.#sunsetreversed #willwednesday @ZJHotsea @emmanuelkip22
RT @BADKINGDOMS: im already seeing the salty tweets please be happy 4 other people thank U