RT @_imjada_: over the past year i have lost 65 pounds, I learned that with dedication and self motivation you can achieve ANYTHI… https://t.co/ElATGtP4qk
i feel like going to school for compliance only lord motivation pls
RT @mama_meya95: Jesus, be a sense of motivation.
i have this sudden motivation to get my life together this is gr8 can i have this every day
i have no motivation for ******* or ***** or even ** i just feel dead
RT @3808digital: "If you wish to know the mind of a man, listen to his words." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe #motivation #InspireThemRetweetTuesday
My motivation , Strength and courage 😍💪🏼 @chedeleeon https://t.co/L2rjSwLn90
@coralreef1 it's terrible I have zero motivation to do my hw😩
I have no more motivation tbh
RT @3808digital: The opinions of others means nothing to someone who is on their path for greatness. Stay in your lane. #motivation https://t.co/l9PoG8MU24
RT @angeless_ibarra: I wish I had the motivation to workout but
RT @reIaxingIy: Your only supporter and motivation in life is your self
RT @ElevationChurch: Motivation will push you, but inspiration and purpose will pull you. Watch the full sermon ‘The Power of Pull' at… https://t.co/qyeqFr4dFW
I have zero motivation to do this dialogue map and paper 😫
Seeing progress in yourself is probably the most inspiration and motivation to keep going 😌💪🏼
Things to do. No motivation. Much rather be completing my #ADSOM reread. LEAVE ME ALONE, RESPONSIBILITIES, I NEED TO GET READY FOR #ACOL.
This is what motivation looks like....I keep staying on that grind 🙌🏽💯😏 https://t.co/jvwtO3hp2h
Decided that my lack of motivation to study should be rewarded with a shopping spree
RT @_emmacarr: Monday motivation: I get to see my dog this weekend
@charlieputh how do you get all the motivation and inspiration to write new songs?