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RT @xiutifuI: happiness is real n it exists in the form of this gif https://t.co/OB3WBMauj7
RT @EsquireUK: "Don't view success as anything other than happiness. If you're happy then nothing else matters." - @rickygervais https://t.co/xP6ZbXZ9or
@Lillianna277 @3bf58ffc678b428 @bld2411 @jonsv3 @mesinger67 @Decontib60De @michelledward66 @aball412 @Juells21… https://t.co/PjsrHIQRW1
Dick, chipotle, & happiness l m a o the order sounds about right too https://t.co/Dj00Y3vzKs
RT @teamSSvn: Some of the @teamSSvn gather for our Hero’s Birthday! Thank you @sidharth_shukla for bringing us+ together. Sending… https://t.co/IjsluzasWn
RT @DSprayberry: There’s so much judgement in us today. So make it easy on yourself & ALWAYS stand up for happiness, for love. Be co… https://t.co/74ArSvfOaN
RT @JaneeAndTheCity: Good afternoon, everyone. Most people trying to make it out here. Stay safe. Be smart. And stay blessed. I'm wis… https://t.co/seY0XSNKxX
RT @dr_satyapal: Heartiest congratulations @superstarrajini ji and wishing you a very happy birthday. May God bless you good health n super happiness in life
RT @akifyordam_: Rules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for. Immanuel Kant https://t.co/1UVJFowOOy
RT @420ESPADA24: Cyanide and Happiness #2355: http://www.explosm.net/comics/2355/ (sent via C
RT @ProudResister: Dear Alabama, If you believe in equality and are against bigotry then vote for Doug Jones. If you believe in a st… https://t.co/BZQnYYJILL
RT @BarnesRachel: I really love to capture the happiness of families being together!! #photography #portraits #family #life #retweet… https://t.co/5dXVJ0wR4Y
RT @potaylortots: Let me remind you why she’s crying: she’s the first Asian woman to be cast as a main character in a Star Wars film… https://t.co/AcC4V3n6ce
RT @TattedUpBreezy: Battling depression is really hard. It’s like as soon as you finally find peace & happiness after a situation, some… https://t.co/BFxEzkqqtF
RT @ramyanls: @sidharth_shukla before this day of 12/12 ends wishing you once again a very very happy birthday with all the happi… https://t.co/m1r2xGfJwG
RT @ILLUMlNATI: Prioritize your own happiness.
@Varuns_Fangirl You are the sweetest and you deserve all the happiness and love in this world❤ Just stay happy alwa… https://t.co/v2WbMlayoc
RT @KlNGTAEYEON: instead of releasing a romantic song this season, taeyeon released "this christmas", a song about a father's love.… https://t.co/ED4UdrzVHC
RT @ImSaaHo: Your smile is our favourite😍 Don't forget to smile today! Quote of the day: For every minute you are angry, you lo… https://t.co/07j2T0RyKf
RT @LisaHagan123: May you be blessed with gifts of love, peace, and happiness this Hanukkah. https://t.co/Ihiayw0Wmd
RT @RealJohnSimms: Stop Living Your Life On A Merry Go Round -John Simms #enlightenment #awakening #entrepreneur #spiritual… https://t.co/0bSFdUICsX
RT @charles_hill_IV: “Negativity is a thief that steals happiness” -kevin gates
Congratulations... Sending lots and lots of love and happiness to both of yous.... 💕💕💕💕 https://t.co/KeKEG4kTgW
"You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness." —Jonathan Safran Foer via @momentumdash