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@Adrian_Hilton @DanielJHannan @Conservatives Always found Daniel Hannan as one who spoke real sense, there should b… https://t.co/mVrsD8QELW
@geraij73 @TimandraHarknes No. It was to implement a very particular interpretation of the result of the referendum… https://t.co/Y34z9hS0sH
@th3Derek So we still get Dan Hannan in politics at least... ;)
@NevaSadikoglu @PaulGoodmanCH @Conservatives @DanielJHannan It is only a vote about the Conservatives and the state… https://t.co/WfxXbEyM1V
@Louise_E_ It's a great experience @Louise_E_ , Opportunities to further develop as a teacher and leader are awesom… https://t.co/thciSueWPm
@pgnelson72 @strandedatsea @Femi_Sorry “Nobody is talking about leaving the Single Market” D HANNAN “What’s wrong with Norway?” N FARAGE
Wednesday morning's setup- plenty going on; Peter Hannan's Himalayan Salt Aged Beef, Salt Aged Lamb Chops, Middlewh… https://t.co/dC7nGPbW8n
@CllrWarrenWhyte @DanielJHannan The Conservatives are about vassal treaty obedience to the EU. The suggestion the… https://t.co/0pGQJIAPgP
RT @AtukNature: If you can't feed them, it's okay! Just give some attention and be nice. Treat them like they're deserves to live.
RT @AtukNature: From all my videos, one thing I want you guys know that animals deserve love & attention. Show them that humanity s… https://t.co/TvBBpz2tl4
I like Hannan, however his email to members today makes things even more difficult. The government is giving Corb… https://t.co/DOB42dogHq
RT @SajaSembang: Saat give up, down atau stress baca Surah Al-Inshirah. InsyaAllah hati anda akan tenang 😊 "Selepas kesusahan ada k… https://t.co/Yx7jzQ6MFa
Our fantastic @DwightSchoolDXB young innovator finalists @expo2020dubai showcasing a solution to reduce water usage… https://t.co/2bCxAWj6t5
RT @mhazalif: Bila kita marah macam mana sekali pun. Ingat nasihat ni. Jangan sesekali keluar kata cacian, hinaan, makian pada or… https://t.co/4OWGvXKgZc
RT @grandadbob100: I agree that Daniel Hannan has been a good campaigner for Brexit. It looks like he will be a casualty at the euro e… https://t.co/YrUp3NMAn0
@RevRichardColes You should try listening to Daniel Hannan.
@oflynnmep That could mean no seats for the Cons. Maybe Dan Hannan in the SE would just make it