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Chairmen should never drink on Transfer Deadline day. You don't want to wake up with a hangover and find you've signed Mario Balotelli.
Should be recorded this Sunday. Hangover permitting. https://t.co/EALdUCSYks
Should've just gotten drunk last night, instead I got wasted. And now I'm tryna suppress my hangover with marijuana. Happy hump day.
@nickcam7 you look like you should be in the hangover movie lmao
Attempting to be teetotal this September, which should be easy, unless the cumulative hangover from this summer kills me
@BrandonTierney @Indians @AdamtheBullFAN @KingJames @MaryKayCabot but there should be way more people there. May be cavs $$$ hangover
Surviving....just. Should of had my baguette though 😷 #Hangover #4HoursAndCounting
casey7883: $HJOE Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THRIVE Lifestyle https://t.co/f6DgzalvcU
They should rename birthdays Hangover Eve.
@LilTerryy you should've came to Xavier's with us we watching the hangover 2
Damn. I have book mourning. Maybe I should stop bloody reading books and finish my sequel! Write myself out of the good-book-hangover.
Should I try and learn 4 weeks worth of content in 6 hours (while dealing with a hangover)? After a few drinks, anything is possible 👍👍
Donna should be getting a hangover by now. #HaltandCatchFire
I love that I was like damn snapchat should store all our snaps in a database somewhere and then show it all to us like the hangover in 60yr
https://t.co/CGYCb1ACmv Can't learn the words fast enough to "Boomerang" by @TheHobbsSisters? This should help! https://t.co/5ICgulFNjF
If CN drops Steven Universe, Cartoon Hangover network should honestly pick it up for their VRV channel.
@Laura241987 @dave_easby hahaha she has a point your hangover rants should be published
https://t.co/mjw5aEVpGc #WinterOlympic #WinterOlympicGames [Washington Times]All of us who watched and cheered during the Games should fe…
Anna and the French Kiss should be made into a movie! :) I still effin' have a book hangover, I kept rereading the last part.
Should You Work Out With A #Hangover? Drinking Alcohol Affects Energy, Muscle Growth https://t.co/RJ7fdn6S55
I gotta sit in class for 2 hours with a hangover this should be fun
Few more pictures from Saturday evening, given the state of us in these, the hangover should have been so much worse than it actually was
@jenn_corpuz @KrisMackaroo @_fhey @kaitoukidsama haha, may hangover to! Or should i say, lahat tayo may hangover pa ng last nyt! Haha
Should be suffering with a hangover from hell, but instead I'm up, in a really good mood, listening to G-Unit records, ha!