Handmade Jewelry By CopperReflections.Com

Copper Reflections has the best selections in handcrafted jewelry, handmade jewelry, unique jewelry handcrafted bracelets and crafted earrings for wholesale jewelry distributors and jewelry jobbers who are looking for unique jewelry to sell to gift shop, trading posts and handmade jewelry stores.Copper Reflections has been providing immense selections of Wholesale Jewelry, handmade jewelry andhandcrafted jewelry with low reasonable prices and great quality Since1985. Wholesale jewelry, wholesale handmade jewelry with great quality and reasonable prices offered in a vast selection by Copper Reflections. Our wholesale jewelry is designed meticulously using unique jewelry designs, in animal jewelry, wildlife jewelry,flower jewelry and native American jewelry designs on handmade bracelets, handmade earrings, necklaces, lockets, rings, hair clips, brooches, chokers, pins brooches, pendants and many other fashionjewelry pieces. We can also make custom design unique jewelry exclusivelyfor youfollowing your ideas and instructions. You will love the exceptional selection, quality andthe prices of our unique wholesale jewelry.

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