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I think i could integrate this into the Chinese military
RT @oohTaoHun: i hope chinese exols will stay here also in twitter for us to be close with other exols 😊
RT @bedjosessien: Michael Olunga has been sold by Djurgården for a record deal 40 Million Kronars equivalent to Ksh 470 million to the Chinese club
RT @Sehunaaaaayeah: About chinese army how to personal attack exo-ls^^EXteam is organised by army.(use other accounts to vilify exo-ls… https://t.co/BxgqcuF7FI
RT @lonnierobinson: The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it. - Chinese Proverb
RT @QtumOfficial: Our Chinese community has over 1000 Wechat members, if you'd like an invite, download the app and contact the "qtumfoundation" account.
@PlayOverwatch waiting it's already 24th (Chinese timezones) https://t.co/atKHEsUFqS
RT @Soya_Cincau: Maxis is going green with their Ang Pows this year. It comes with embedded seeds which will grow #growyourblessings… https://t.co/BQgMjURxDo
RT @jooniebabie: Many Chinese army cannot use vpn to access Twitter so I am passing on a message! #방탄보라해 #중국_아미_정정당당 https://t.co/6CEU9BI5z7
your party thinks global warming is a myth created by the Chinese to make profit off of the US https://t.co/Mn8edipRjA
Manchester City's Yaya Toure insists he would never follow the money and move to China https://t.co/CT2B4FkYJO https://t.co/LeQOfQcQcH
RT @fasiranjha: Day in Review! 1) Stock Market crosses 50k barrier 2) 50 billion Multan Metro Inaugurated 3) Chinese Handed over 2 ships for CPEC security
RT @socialfundi1: The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now. Chinese Proverb.
RT @SCMP_News: Chinese analysts cautious over whether US withdrawal from #TPP will benefit Beijing https://t.co/ymQSeXP5SY https://t.co/YKebs4pWi6
RT scoopwhoopnews: This tale explains why 2017 is the #YearoftheRooster & how the #Chinese calender works … https://t.co/aYgd5WWOEx
RT @KJJ_VotingTeam: #김재중 Fan complained to the Chinese online news agency who released rumors abt JJ today. Now the agency has replied… https://t.co/tu7Vgicbjw
RT @alwinhimself: me every Chinese New Year season.. 🍊 https://t.co/hvm2HYLFCv
Chinese bitcoin exchanges will start charging fees on all trades starting today. End of fake trading? https://t.co/atuGBYOYSN
Rayakan Imlek ala Kemewahan Inggris dalam Chinese High Tea https://t.co/aMOlX6g0dU
RT @12starplanet: #12starsub 170123 Yixing's Chinese New Year greeting for Tencent viewers Thai Trans @tnb_exo 📣ห้ามรีอัพโหลด!!!❌ https://t.co/BG6SF6qVbA
RT @HWarlow: This is another by Mandy. I love to see Physalis (Chinese Lanterns) She's a great Photographer for Floral Studies. https://t.co/ZgT074qVQE
RT @CarolRadull: Chinese side Guizhou Zhicheng have completed the signing of Michael Olunga. @OgadaOlunga All the best man! #TheScoreKE
@veramallinna hi,i am gta5 novice and i hope you can help me. at the same time,i am Chinese ,would you mind playing with me