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RT @ChuckGrassley: Looks like Pres Xi is taking the traditional “long view” abt the trade negotiations counting on a Trump defeat in 2… https://t.co/nOWeJw2piO
RT @jejejejepri: @rapplerdotcom Pag ang Pilipino illegal sa ibang bansa, either kulong o deport. Pero ang Chinese na illegal, gagawi… https://t.co/GcwGGQnksN
RT @niubi: New Donald Trump sanctions target the shadowy Chinese weapons dealer in China-Iran ballistic missile deals… https://t.co/VbYYCfklFE
@yeehawgirI unrelated but the subtitles are in chinese, i recognize it cause i take it. proud of myself for paying attention
RT @MarketWatch: U.S. may expand list of blacklisted Chinese companies https://t.co/a3OBcNC8hr
RT @ticley: I am definitely living in the wrong country. Ultra conservative, anti gay, anti abortion Liberal Gladys Lui won a s… https://t.co/m8SERW7eSn
@Dali_Yang Stop sucking up to Westerners, Dali. Chinese invented gun powder, compass, and paper. Koreans invented w… https://t.co/6PHUCgp4i2
RT @horowitz39: The campaign hasn't begun. If it's Biden, he's going to have to defend 8 years of Obama policies and his involvemen… https://t.co/LkMVY8rZ87
RT @CLG_PewPewU: I realized I can get $1.80 off my order at a local Japanese spot if I confuse the cashier with my wording on the or… https://t.co/fkCqkMk4Ys
ppl be like those chinese boys have no talent they are ugly and can't sing then when kpop fans respond they're like… https://t.co/1msOqfoqWv
@RFA_Chinese 奉命罢工而已矣。如果是中共国的工地和管理,你再看看那些中共国的建筑工人哪个敢罢工?在中共国,建筑工人的工资大多是年结的,平时每月只发购买生活用品的钱和支取少量的买劣质烟劣质酒的钱。哪年不是一大批建筑工人讨… https://t.co/HZwwXJKqGT
Three major #Chinese airline companies have officially requested compensation for losses caused by the grounding of… https://t.co/rZDeN4ajr3
$60 OFF ALERT! #ad adidas ULTRABOOST 4.0 are now $119.99 (Retail $180) CHINESE NEW YEAR: https://t.co/2D4RYN3ai2https://t.co/5omzUMOeXi
#ARM Suspends Partnership With #Huawei; Halts All Contracts With Chinese Brand https://t.co/3kQ99WR85X https://t.co/2VQUWYVN7Q
In honor of the Chinese Americans to made tremendous sacrifices to connect the United States. #APAHM https://t.co/sbfDIm5cll
The recently announced hike in U.S. tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports is expected to have a big impa… https://t.co/gt8I5HEJV4
RT @marcorubio: Here is a former US official helping #China undermine America’s economic future. This guy works for a “company” tha… https://t.co/okKZvC9GYM
RT @MadRabb39651244: Seems Rep. McCarthy Would rather represent Chinese interests in his district than his own Constituents. So how does… https://t.co/wAVBMcRS8e
RT @wynwindas: Temen kantor yg Chinese besok pada cuti. Yg nonis pada nyopot atribut yg berhubungan dengan agama mereka. Yg kerja… https://t.co/sOT0ElXnmN
RT @mystarmyangel: You know this concept actually kinda remind me of When The Wind Blows Like even the name sounds similar (to the na… https://t.co/dWXu9Ct43u
RT @ogie_rosa: BATO DELA ROSA on illegal Chinese workers: Kung Illegal, dapat gawing legal. BONG GO on his first initiative: Uuna… https://t.co/Uf1GtXOQKu