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RT @kimbakit: Chinese property developer Kenny Zhang buys land for $45M in 2014, gives huge donation to federal Liberal party, ge… https://t.co/Nv6EnFyTIj
RT @sesmith: This is a killer read on coordinated racist attacks against Chinese-Americans in the 1880s that permanently changed… https://t.co/7CBfiwx5iL
RT @bbcchinese: 【台湾#AI 机器人“美玉姨”如何帮助网民查核事实】#台湾 工程师研发了一个网路机器人“美玉姨”,向网路谣言下战帖,她要挑战的不仅是#假新闻 。 https://t.co/3a4NHWr1T5
I’ve had chinese three days in a row now wtf
RT @CGTNOfficial: The largest #supermoon of the year is on the way! Don't miss the full moon, which will also the brightest and roun… https://t.co/DyHQZtadBQ
RT @shuvmajumdar: They’ll have the chance to present their case against the evidence amassed by the US Dept of Justice before courts… https://t.co/jlyp6LoShG
#虎8 でも政府も『日中青少年交流推進年』の名の下に両国合わせて5年で3万人の青年交流をやってるし、『対日理解促進交流プログラム』で日本の税金でChineseを日本旅行もさせています。 経団連だけの所為にしてても解決しないと思う。
Teleportation would be good to have right now cause I don’t want to drive and get some Chinese
RT @Cat_Kapow: Communist #Chinese media #propaganda frenzy smacks of desperation as #Huawei #5G being banned globally. China just… https://t.co/SwokFE5w0I
RT @VersaToVersa: Part 2: Walang sawa si Chinese Daddy na sumuso sa burat ko sarap na sarap daw cya ang init ng bibig parang puke na… https://t.co/LuaFCs6rG0
RT @AFP: Boosted by growing demand from China, sales of Cuban cigars reached a record $537 million in 2018, a seven percent… https://t.co/UrSw6uyrBs
RT @IndiaSorry: Hello India...Main ek pakistani hone ke naate haath jod ke maafi maangta hu ki plz pakistan pe attack mat karna😭 Ha… https://t.co/xGpkmWMUF5
RT @WWEXOL: [NEWS] EXO #Baekhyun, Chinese Huya TV appearance promo, "We will wait for it" Baekhyun via personal IG account sha… https://t.co/0MsxG7bWOQ
RT @jisoolip: from what i heard almost every chinese bar are more focused on solo releases rather than group cb it'd be nice if t… https://t.co/SPJB7CDoSl
RT @EggrolI: I cooked a three course dinner for my girl, made a fancy menu and setting for it, but the dishes are all classic ch… https://t.co/LRrm6ZhMbS
Palm Garden Golf Club wishing you a Happy chap Goh Mei 15th day of Chinese New Year #18thholehttps://t.co/gSFiEE73qh
I have to learn how to read chinese now for both logh and ice fantasy fanfiction
RT @lil__snicks: In the end, he’s just another dead rat in the garbage pail behind a Chinese restaurant.
Today is 15th day of Jan. of Chinese Lunar calendar, which is a traditional #LanternFestival ! We have many interes… https://t.co/Ammmh6hOqd
RT @hwallsdeobi: yangyang: i can speak german, english, chinese, a lil bit of spanish and korean yangyang, speaking korean: https://t.co/p8rwILLqsb
RT @WWEXOL: [NEWS] EXO #Baekhyun, Chinese Huya TV appearance promo, "We will wait for it" Baekhyun via personal IG account sha… https://t.co/0MsxG7bWOQ
Chinese authorities angry over ‘careless’ theft of terracotta warrior’s thumb https://t.co/dokr5iH52L
Okay Chinese mama sita I see you ;) she ain’t me though
RT @_taeisbae: when your parents finally get it right and call them korean instead of chinese https://t.co/04VsUlYpaq