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@mimsylost_mu 맞아요 저는 제 인생 모두를 지능캐에 바쳤어요!!!!
damaged me emotionallysocially&physically! https://t.co/4BPTg0n9HY
@daredoanything 월요일마다 모두가 느끼는 감정 아닐까요... 자연스럽고 당연해요!
I’ve never seen anyone propose on both knees like that..... https://t.co/2I1TC2bTKG
RT @jackieaina: not everything you think needs to be said. you should be absolutely ashamed, embarrassed, and mortified that THIS i… https://t.co/qUIlXoQBbT
That hammy goes down home more time, I’m done with you. Make me a believer. https://t.co/54QzJemgpR
@Hammy_Taffy 그래도 타피님 있음 탐라보는게 재밌는걸요
RT @marketminute: Spring equinox, full moon and Hammy the Pig will get a bath. https://t.co/mIbaNSeK0g
@Evidence Anyone who ain't say Mach Hammy obvi hasn't heard of the https://t.co/75LgBzdyAu they excused but better do theh readinf
@mimsylost_mu 제 최애캐 계보가 제갈량에서 시작해서 제임스 매디슨으로 왔거든요 지능캐 팡인입니다 (랖: 나는요? 랖은 갑툭튀에요)
Vird-e-Ali Subho Sham Karty Hain Ya Ali as Tere Chahne Walo Ko Salam Karty Hain Adavat Nahi Kisi Musalman Se Hammy… https://t.co/N7GtzntKTR
How long is bron gonna “not be at his best” it’s crazy the man gets a hammy injury and gets it as an excuse the res… https://t.co/6Bac2X3sjc
@mimsylost_mu 제가 일곱살 때부터 최애였어요...
@Sarge986 @espn stretch well...no hammy pulls...
@mimsylost_mu 저는 제갈량 보려 숨죽이고 있어요
@CantthinkofmyID 저도 막 활발하진 않아요...