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RT @LandstedeBasket: De drietjes vliegen Olaf om de oren! It's gameday, It's #Hammertime! https://t.co/L3UjcIN22n
RT @LandstedeBasket: De balsponsor van het thuisduel van vanavond tegen Forward Lease Rotterdam is @SaunaSwoll! Aanvang: 19.30 uur… https://t.co/U4RxAhJiIR
RT @LandstedeBasket: De wedstrijdsponsor van het duel van vanavond tussen Landstede Basketbal en Forward Lease Rotterdam is Penta Rho!… https://t.co/eWOjZ460vw
RT @Markese_Rivera: Never forget 🐥🏈🔑 us dirty birds going to the top! #RB #topbirds #bowe #hammertime #collegefootball @iGoBy_Juice https://t.co/preFhlrewK
RT @HillelNeuer: 2 more female chess champs who gave up chance to win World Prize: #Iran host wanted to force them to wear #Hijabs—a… https://t.co/hKJxNzV122
RT @redpillchick: What happens when you're young, living off your parents $ to buy starbucks, never meet ppl who challenge your ideas… https://t.co/6ZRt5Hf1xO
RT @MirrorTech: Amazon considers dropping parcels from drones using tiny parachutes https://t.co/25FD9dAlkr https://t.co/XofkRqXV70
RT @PeoplesMomentum: Does @theresa_may ever just answer a question?? 1 week to go now to #CopelandByelection. Help defeat Tories & UKIP… https://t.co/l1IpOahAtM
Attenzione!!! #teamthrowspietrasanta#trackandfield#instafit#hammertime#aiuto#pericoloso https://t.co/4yg9w8mFKB
These 2 here are the reason why i didn't give up. It's my… https://t.co/qxOmn8fwIQ
RT @MomentumOx: Social #care 'at real risk of collapse' in UK, as 1.2 million left without support, due to #Conservative policy… https://t.co/lyFQsLvgaB
The @JesusCollegeCam @roostcafebar currently has a rockin' 90s playlist going… Perfect for #PhDlife work — #Hammertime
RT @JeremyCorbyn4PM: Just managing is too close to just not managing for far too many families in the UK. Worrying new report: https://t.co/UPdPRc0AHr
RT @DailyMirror: Lucky commuter leaps to safety as bus mounts pavement and hits electricity pole https://t.co/YLS8vMG4hO https://t.co/YU4i0dXVSa
RT @MirrorPolitics: How much will YOUR council tax be in 2017? Use our calculator to reveal how bills will soar for social care… https://t.co/LE6BH6NkF1
RT @FailsWork: Falling on a chainsaw can really ruin your day. https://t.co/4euWf0wCpp
RT @FailsWork: Not sure he'll be driving anymore trucks. https://t.co/6rNNCUG5Yh
RT @neontaster: Driving to get coffee and saw these all over the place. Is this a new form of taxpayer-funded Trump propaganda?… https://t.co/q3pUIF2Zj2
RT @davecappaert: Did someone order an U*** Eldon street junction of Blomfield street 😂😂😂 https://t.co/uT6qQw3wd7
RT @seanblackcab: Have #Chapman & #Blake been 'outmanoeuvred' or obediently giving uber everything needed @davidkurten… https://t.co/8KczgO9pdq