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RT @BgtnStrucked: @KBSWorldTV @SoohyunJ Global superstars promoting korean survival shows. Stan humble Kings #TheMusicVideo #IDOL… https://t.co/2AFcBVylZj
RT @SportsCenter: Jimmy Butler got boos when he was announced in Minnesota ... Then got M-V-P chants at the free throw line πŸ˜… https://t.co/INq5Vqz9eC
RT @BleacherReport: This kid Zion is just different 🀯 (via @lawdavis13) https://t.co/2qYjO3l2zy
RT @NeshaminySkins: Neshaminy 9 CR South 0 Final #HAMMERTIME
@Khuthi1988 We sealing this championship tomorrow _ it’s HammerTime πŸ”¨
RT @tedlieu: The Saudi Arabia story that Khashoggi would get into a fist fight with up to 18 Saudis, many of whom are trained ki… https://t.co/EtFAuH7xi3
RT @IronStache: REMINDER: The Koch Brothers' own study showed #MedicareForAll would SAVE the United States $2 trillion. https://t.co/kTp0PfM1pl
RT @MalcolmNance: Shortter @LindseyGrahamSC β€œ... but I’ll go along with it if Donald says it’s ok!” https://t.co/uaRrbn2RzI
RT @IronStache: "We're seeing diabetics have to ration their insulin. We're seeing people who can't afford all of their medication.… https://t.co/GIEvAaOBux
RT @NHLBlackhawks: Thanks for the memories, Nik #HammerTime πŸ”¨ https://t.co/TLKofLE1W5
RT @G_Ponder: Soon to be five time @F1 world champion and @MercedesAMGF1 driver @LewisHamilton #USGP #F1 #HammerTime @Qualcomm https://t.co/jRpl9ue48w
RT @NeshaminySkins: Neshaminy 9 CR South 0 Final #HAMMERTIME
@JasonIsbell I knew full well my mom was, I just needed enough candy to bribe people. (I’m not nor have I ever been a candy fan)
RT @NeshaminySkins: Neshaminy 9 CR South 0 Final #HAMMERTIME
You just wouldn’t be depressed after so long and all dat mula https://t.co/KP9Zk7JM6t