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RT @Taco_Marine: Are you excited for a new #fishtacotv How-To video for installing Rub Rail? Here's some exclusive sneak peek images… https://t.co/Sy7ZnNE2IJ
@MichaelAvenatti Stomp a mudhole with his ass and walk it dry.#hammertime
#elliptical last night and a short #walk tonight just to get my #steps and daily #goals in. Race on Sunday.… https://t.co/cx4oYIzgNw
HammerTime - Jonn Hart ft Nef The Pharaoh & Clyde Carson #Radio #Music #Live #NP #HipHop #Pop #Rap https://t.co/mVujHDtFm1
PM main set 6 x 1000 scy on 13:00. #hammertime #toocoolforschool
*Hammertime This would have been a lot funnier if there wasnt a typo dammit!
Bron Bron right now 👀
RT @aletweetsnews: 4 high school students just arrested after a brief sit-in for gun control outside @SpeakerRyan’s DC office. https://t.co/gTknvZmoua
RT @Rebeca_MU: Inspired by these volunteers who showed up through snow and sleet on a workday to speak out and call on their lawma… https://t.co/EugVm9zeGq
RT @ILSenDems: .@DonHarmonIL joins @MomsDemand to urge gun dealer licensing override https://t.co/ExGkZb7V5w #OurOneJob https://t.co/SZN4BRP1O5
RT @davidhogg111: Main numbers Speakers (202) 225-0600 DC (202) 225-3031 Janesville (608) 752-4050 Kenosha (262) 654-1901 Racine (… https://t.co/PS7CJjAR8r
Xan isn't really gonna try to go at @ChrisWebby is he?!?!?!?! 1 round and his ass will get clowned...that's what I… https://t.co/g5TnIRxupf
RT @aletweetsnews: LIVE: Students risking arrest at Paul Ryan’s office on Capitol Hill in a call for gun reform. https://t.co/CsT7yxsAfU
RT @joncoopertweets: BREAKING: Senate panel moving ahead with bill to #ProtectMueller despite McConnell opposition https://t.co/Vt6UDny5ql
RT @DavidPepper: Great to see more national focus on some of our great candidates, such as @JoeHelle and @KathleenClyde https://t.co/qSaUgyY9ai
RT @CuyahogaDems: “Those results [caused] anxiety about their chances of surviving a tough November election with their House majorit… https://t.co/Lggri2Fego
RT @YPHAVT: Chicago is proud of you, we are proud of proud of you! @zionkelly18 https://t.co/6PrGa0uvxe