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A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy far far away...A young farmboy dreamed of going on an adventure...😘 https://t.co/YTWYhxAQc6
RT @eigahiho: マーク・ハミルが『スター・ウォーズ エピソード4/新たなる希望』撮影時のルーク・スカイウォーカーの写真を公開!チュニジアで最初のシーンを撮影する前の(おそらく)初お披露目画像 https://t.co/gbLHXnYL2u… https://t.co/HSWso8MuIq
RT @PremiereFR: Mark Hamill : "Je finis Star Wars 8 et je suis au chômage" https://t.co/adnY9F8o0C
@krolita68 @movieweb Some also published the "nipples protector" in the headline! Made me chuckle...😂
@krolita68 @movieweb Haha,merci Carole.Oui ,j'ai vu.Il y en a eu quelques uns que j'ai tweete apres...Ca me fait sourire...😁
@HamillSparkles I am sure Mark will attend the 40th Anniversary panel and The Last Jedi, too important,but no photos or signatures maybe.😖
@hamill_france look at this Carole! ton tweet et la réponse de Mark sont dans l'article! :D https://t.co/oRqvo7BvHX
Lol,#HappyChocolateCoveredRaisinsDay everyone and @HamillHimself ! Of course,we all know you prefer Maltesers by n… https://t.co/opVbR4ZWh7
@hamill_france @HamillHimself Gosh I hope not - dealer obnoxious, rude & pushy behaviour is bad 4 everyone. #StaySafeMarkAndFamily👍
@hamill_france @HamillHimself This had to be a hell of a party and hell of an earthquake. 😂 🐹🐹❤
@hamill_france If you are talking about the same Celebration as Nathan is here, you could have your answer about Ma… https://t.co/CfaNTQKJlj
RT @mashable: Mark Hamill will have big role in 'The Last Jedi' according to Disney boss https://t.co/gowqW2EEy7
@SLCsnow Oh to have such an understanding wife 😉
RT @OrlitaGabrielle: @hamill_trash @HamillHimself @chelseahamill Too cute for...barks. What a cutie! Love ya both. 🐹🐹❤
@hamill_france @HamillHimself I don't know...it could be Mark's. 😋🐹🐹❤
@hamill_trash @HamillHimself @chelseahamill Too cute for...barks. What a cutie! Love ya both. 🐹🐹❤