Tweets about a recent trend: Halo

@jongjin_ulzz yaah pengen sih say halo tp ade gk tau uname diaaa bang 😈
RT @pattheflip: Marathon: what if this AI was actually your abusive hot boyfriend Halo: what if this AI had AI boobs tho
RT @vixcomics: Si el cubo rubik real ya no te genera interés, prueba uno en Halo 5 https://t.co/GJLsue4NQ7
@optich3cz I watched OG for COD, for a long time, 1st time watching Halo... amazing performance in finals for OG! Those comebacks, amazing!
When you're born with the mindset of a nutritionist, you swap your birthday cake with Halo Top!… https://t.co/7nfQIAT9EN
@joshua_menke But also... This was the last time I had the time to give'er hell in FFA ;) https://t.co/iiNfSGVftc
RT @BeyonceHard: Amigos de Ebony fizeram uma homenagem colocando a música "Halo". #RIPEbony 💔 https://t.co/rPGnf0MUsr
RT @constant_damage: Suhb Suhnday on a Muhnday! Star Wars cont. / Halo 2 camp cont.! PUBG to end the stream! https://t.co/JkZJjLb5Sr https://t.co/bqgT6tQCo0
Mahdesh 3agbo halo😂
Halo tweeps udah liat katalog kita yang baru? #pocisgraphy
RT @Shottasnipe: Halo 3 Anniversary or bust. Please, @Halo! You owe us for the trash that was the MCC.
Halo aku udah bangun loh
RT @DareCortez: I miss grinding Halo 3 everyday
@complexclsd halo, saya dongwoon dari Highlight, 91 liner, ingin menjadi tetangga kalian. Verif? https://t.co/BRlkgQNO7A
@MartysaurusRex "that's me, the boy with the broken halo, that's me, that's me, the devil won't let me be"
@HaruspexOfHell Halo 5 has world class mocap. New is childs play compare to Halo 5 animations
@classicalcls *chuckles* Halo, milikku yang paling aku sayang 💞
Siempre me invita a jugar Call Of Duty, Gears Of War, HALO... :l algún día debería aceptar. x$