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RT @zunzapy_stuff: จากเทรนนี่บนเวทีล็อตเต้เวิร์ลในวันนั้นสู่อาสโทรบนงานประกาศรางวัล ที่ได้รับ Hallyu Special Award ในวันนี้ #ASTRO… https://t.co/xcGcyORY37
RT @TaehyunRoyalty: https://t.co/EAnGv9vNWg (which represents the Korean government online) and the KOCIS named 2NE1 as one of the lead… https://t.co/W69bf3tVle
RT @TaehyunRoyalty: 2ne1 were leading the Hallyu wave: Their 2nd mini topped several iTunes charts worldwide within a day of release, w… https://t.co/asP0yZZw7A
RT @astro2698: LIST OF WINNERS OF "HALLYU SPECIAL AWARD" 2017 - #아스트로 #ASTRO @offclASTRO 🎉 https://t.co/4bgqwef4JQ
#superjuniorisback THE KINGS OF HALLYU IS BACK 😎😎😎😎
RT @officialastroph: In case you missed it, ASTRO won the Hallyu Special Award from the 26th Seoul Music Awards! Congratulations to our boys @offclASTRO
RT @theseoulstory: [#SeoulMusicAwards] ASTRO wins Hallyu Special Award today, congrats! https://t.co/QAJq1eCT3W @offclASTRO https://t.co/7fuENR1xRd
RT @shmesm: 2nd Half Jang Kiha & Faces 3 Bonsangs Gfriend, Gummy, 17 3 Bonsangs Zico, BTS Popularity, Hallyu Sechkies, TWICE, E… https://t.co/KnwKZG6qe1
RT @RV_doubleS: 170118 #RedVelvet's Winning Speech for "Most anticipated Hallyu stars of 2017 in China" award at 2017 First Brand A… https://t.co/qxWsVue9Tf
RT @Red_Velvet_Joy: 170119 Red Velvet won the “Most Anticipated Hallyu Stars of 2017″ in China at 2017 15th First Brand Awards https://t.co/CHiMpk3FML
RT @lucky_rocky99: [ENG] 170119 ASTRO Winning Speech Hallyu Special Award @ Seoul Music Award cr vid @_ASTROKISS #ASTRO #아스트로 https://t.co/yfTjnoP1YC
RT @Ieedongmins: let's all just take a moment to realize ASTRO was the first rookie group to win the Hallyu Special Award i am so pr… https://t.co/ClpYjjkPNa
RT @hantokkim: We have Hallyu as topic in my culture & society class! Hello again Hallyu for my term paper. 😂😂😂
RT @YesungMorocco: Article : Yesung and Chanyeol, Hallyu Stars walking on the acting path https://t.co/L9emSs5FGF
We have Hallyu as topic in my culture & society class! Hello again Hallyu for my term paper. 😂😂😂
Writing concept paper about hallyu wave while listening to kpop/drama ost. Oh yes
RT @VICTONFrance: [INFO] VICTON sont 9ème dans le classement de ‘Rookies’ de 2016 ayant de plus fans inscrits sur leur fancafe. © H… https://t.co/Dvsk1dCLZX
RT @KoreanWaveINA: [INFO] ASTRO raih "Hallyu Special Award" di '26th Seoul Music Awards' semalam. Selamat! #KWI https://t.co/rvG5hQmrsU
RT @MINHYUKBlN: first ever rookie group to win the Hallyu Special Award! congratulations my shining stars✨ #SeoulMusicAwards https://t.co/jrIT0TBQWP
regrann from koran_hallyu - [Ini Pesan Gong Yoo untuk Penonton Setelah Syuting Eps Terakhir… https://t.co/UL2UbhfqRQ
RT @junesixteens: Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Song Jong Ki, dan Yoo Ah In Dinobatkan Sebagai ‘4 Raja Hebat Hallyu’ https://t.co/NoCMDt6D9W