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.@HassanRouhani Fair justice is hallmark of respectability; corruption in judiciary indicates immature society… https://t.co/D8WeWgs7rC
@LawrenceSellin Fooling the nation with idiotic narratives is another hallmark of the terrorist nation!
@greyskyemorning https://t.co/7UzsuwqQp9 *cackle* oh the positions you could put these two in
RT @WebforAlabama: Also a shame our culture has denigrated him into some kind of Hallmark-esque figure. It's worth remembering that wh… https://t.co/I2In04pQhn
RT @muskrosevintage: #Antique #Edwardian 9ct Gold Ruby Cluster Bar Brooch Chester Hallmark 1913 https://t.co/nb3IMH5W6n via @Etsy… https://t.co/7jR4FurLM8
I keep telling myself to let go... but late on a Sunday night I find myself watching Hallmark... my visual comfort… https://t.co/yypuwedOOb
@hallmark_lover @pkharp @HMNow @hallmarkchannel Check again tomorrow. Truth Be Told was a day later getting posted… https://t.co/daEJVqfqGs
#NaMoAgain2019 A comprehensive model of farmer welfare, from sowing to selling has been the hallmark of Modi govt.… https://t.co/kaY330EaPy
The quintessence of New India to accelerate this bottom to top suction...which tends to challenge the spiritualised… https://t.co/WzH9ijWeW7
RT @LuvChristmas: Kellie Pickler's 'Christmas At Graceland' Was The Most Watched Hallmark Movie Of 2018! https://t.co/cGmihrwQNF
RT @JohnSalinas979: growing old with your significant other & watching hallmark, & lifetime movies together is goals.
@_Brooke22 Ruby Herring Mysteries: Silent Witness. Hallmark Channel
@SalenaZito Me too! It was a hunker down weekend and Hallmark was a big part of it.
RT @Hallmark_Japan: 👑1月21日生まれの皆さま👑 お誕生日おめでとうございます!! バラの咲き誇るドレスがカッコいいカードとともにお祝い🥂 自分自身に誇りを持って、ひとつずつ積み上げる一年になりますように🌹 →… https://t.co/YFruWCr236
If clearance Hallmark cards could vine https://t.co/UTYgCxxdk9
@ClintNelson13 Hahaha, and you do that all in one day...go out, save dogs and kids, then grab some roses on your wa… https://t.co/MxuUZJag34
RT @GreenLink_Int: The hallmark of our brands and recipes is a deep understanding of cannabis and its effects. Here is a cheat sheet… https://t.co/4pZlYfzNcq
Ill just like to say my Christmas tree is still up and the string lights too... as long as we still watching hallma… https://t.co/td4bdIZgDT
@chris_nordin @UniteAlberta @mikesbloggity Greedy for no reason, minus the entitlement it takes to even consider be… https://t.co/yYDculLerN
@realDonaldTrump @marklevinshow Yes he sure did That is the hallmark of a true champion. It is what sets him apart… https://t.co/TnZvpIsiAs
RT @DeepMeditation: Kellie Pickler's 'Christmas At Graceland' Was The Most Watched Hallmark Movie Of 2018! https://t.co/dKO2fheYHh
RT @dbongino: Being a liberal means spending your entire miserable life searching for reasons to be offended. It’s a pathetic exi… https://t.co/MItRsycgNy
love that hallmark decided to marathon all of little house on the prairie season 6 and now i cant start my homework bc its already too late