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RT @TStateParties: Guy in my hall "we all need to go to the football stadium because there's not a touchdown happening there anytime soon" #Txst
RT @zicketta: Social Hall San Francisco @davidduchovny Can we repeat the last week? Pretty please? Can’t wait to see you again… https://t.co/D85siLF7DZ
RT @Black_ManXXX: AVN Hall of Fame @therealJuliaAnn meet AVN Best Male Newcomer @yearofthericky for #BlacksOnCougars Coming Soon for… https://t.co/W4485UYGXV
RT @HarukamiraiInfo: 【甲府行きます!】 ハルカミライ pre 「YOU MY ALL vol.2」 03.20@甲府KAZOO HALL ハルカミライ POETASTER カルナロッタ コールスロー HERO COMPLEX Danablu 前売 : ¥2,000 / 当日 : ¥2,500
I'm at KLIA Arrival Hall in Sepang, Selangor https://t.co/jysxqfWqA3
RT @drdrAatBLC: BCS town hall. Medicare question. Vouchers won't work, why did u vote to phase out Medicare? @RepBillFlores #whereisflores
RT @repmarkpocan: Incredible crowd at my town hall this morning. This is what the resistance looks like. https://t.co/OEAC5Wafqq
@hall_and_ohtsu 空が低いですね~
RT @QueerMeNow: Shane Hall Cosplays as Sora from Kingdom Hearts on Webcam (https://t.co/IW8ohwEVWX) @#KingdomHearts #Cosplay… https://t.co/kHd9N8M8Ab
RT @alabiwale29: Fakunle Unity Highschool is now ready for the kids of Osun masses, a 3000 Students Capacity Bldg & 1000 Seaters Hal… https://t.co/9CXW86YVp3
Strickland Calls For Review of City Hall Escort List: Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings is reviewing a list… https://t.co/GbNk4chELo
RT @TheBeatnikDiva: @sam38483 @SenTomCotton LOL.. this is a Town Hall, not a bar fight. You have us mixed up with people who believe we can't question our reps.
That's a town hall meeting to say the gods of species manuscript… more.
RT @DeionGottaSTFU: Dawg if Scottie Pippen don't run up on Future first chance he gets then the NBA gotta take him out the Hall of Fame https://t.co/BAl98fwoMQ
RT @OT_TheMcompany: Visiting #MWC17 this year? Discover a wide range of services for #wearable secured by our #eSE Stand 6H30 Hall 6… https://t.co/EgWK1YETfH
Now playing #Eels - Mr. E's Beautiful Blues [Live at Town Hall] on North Texas Radio
RT @OldTimeHardball: Always nice to get 3 Hall of Famers in 1 shot - San Francisco #Giants Willie McCovey & Orlando Cepeda w/Chicago… https://t.co/NDEPpjn4cB
RT @sabrangindia: रोहित वेमुला के समर्थन में प्रदर्शन किया तो एग्जाम में बैठने नहीं दिया https://t.co/AlEEmW2HFk https://t.co/CNOrrrPBby
RT @jajah_kjm22: เหมาะกับชะนีที่หนีไปติ่งเดียวดายอย่างกูมาก~~ ร้านปิ้งย่างกินคนเดียวได้ด้วย พิกัด ขึ้นสาย 7 ลงสถานี Bucheon City Ha… https://t.co/vc98PEC7cs
Enfin la dernière fois il était quand même mis en avant dans une expo dans le hall de la BU de ma fac... --"
Jim Bunning Autographed/Hand Signed Rawlings Official MLB Baseball by Hall of Fame Memorabilia https://t.co/T1E5Eufhe4
RT @rumpfshaker: Yep. CPAC wouldn't let them PAY for a booth in the main exhibit hall, because they didn't adhere to the opposition… https://t.co/fIg7B72aG2
RT @IndivisibleWi01: Paul's constituents don't trust Trump, but it looks like @SpeakerRyan does. You can ask @PRyan why at a town hall o… https://t.co/q9jTB4C8Q1
RT @maria_htrza: 110. this thread will never end but imma stop now on another vine hall of fame https://t.co/ubw0onA0TP
参考までにゆるーく聞いてみる。 HALL TOUR広島に遠征してくる人ってどのぐらいいるのかな? んでもって、打ち上げ企画したら「参加したい!うぇーい★」って人いるかな?