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@kelseyjones430 because you had half baked at 3 in the morning 😂
* ( @CountDmitri ) ; + charity was even to sound like a deal with the devil, but he was all but another half-baked warmonger, whom Zemo +
Until I stop seeing people complain about the half-baked-ness of the @Sling #XboxOne app I would never pay for that service.
RT @thehill: People are leaving tons of fake reviews on Amazon for Trump's Christmas ornament https://t.co/de3QPr9D6D https://t.co/RqQvdiQFOQ
OK. Dyu know Why/When? You shld educate us and not give us half-baked info. The facts shld be rightly stated, if at… https://t.co/y87wY0I7ya
RT @afiqhakimibh: The RUU is rather half baked in the grand scheme of things. What's the end goal? Call me naïve but he being transp… https://t.co/ffa4bJ2IJm
all of our food for today is made, just needs to be baked off🙂 turkey half way done😊😊
RT @innovationlab: More from our guerrilla marketing for President's Innovation Challenge: Handing out "half-baked" idea cones (sans i… https://t.co/nDQLX8wOAc
@rewp56 @SoniaBeeksma @CTVVancouver so did I and Sonia remind the half-baked to clear their balconies of glass beer 🍻 or wine 🍷 bottles
thank god im half n half cause all this baked mac and collard greens and ziti unf
@MarkDice @sweetatertot2 Exactly!!! Probably will go to the fraudulent Clinton Foundation -- bunch of half-baked people!
RT @rrsuresh: No scam affected people as much as modiji's half baked idea. https://t.co/My8LKVZ1vU
No scam affected people as much as modiji's half baked idea. https://t.co/My8LKVZ1vU
@RangarajPandeyR Arrogant half baked immature #hariharan on @thanthitv loves abusing @PMOIndia every day. Calls him names. #StopWatchingTTV
19. Although I'm no fan of Uma Bharti, I feel she was right when she said Mosadi was aping Karl Marx, I'd add in a very half-baked manner.
@bwitete half baked music just to gain money and fame. Entertainment with learnings are a lot more comendable than shallow ones.
LOADED BAKED POTATO SOUP Serves 8 Ingredients 2 tbsp butter 2 tbsp flour 2 cups fat free cream or half & half 2... https://t.co/iHywM3oQ7t
That half-baked workout before the feasting starts. Now I can eat whatever I want. Never true but I always believe it
@thewire_in @ArvindKejriwal @pbhushan1 so much clever dicks here, so why don't they use the legal legit method? Half baked truths!!
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @the_halfbaked https://t.co/jNyGrgcXvK Half Baked | DIY Fur Coat
Finished my workout and realized that this Lil Muss in my belly is already half-baked 😳 Die… https://t.co/mAXH7ogUma
Our co-founder, Bruno did an interview with the guys at Soundwall ahead of our birthday this Saturday! Have a look 😊 https://t.co/TEIjrBPuGz
Its really heartbreaking to see 1 player doing a lot while the rest are just half-baked-effort lang. Tsk. #ReignSupremePSL