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RT @LeftistRebel: @StopStopHillary @LyndaAtchison @YouTube #Caris is also an AIDS treatment charity in #Haiti #CarisJames https://t.co/QRkkc9nvb0
Haiti coup leader pleads not guilty 》 》 》》https://t.co/pMLw2pxilp https://t.co/86Ft5V9QZa
@PearlsofLogic @Cernovich Better move FAST. Send 200 agents to Haiti. Moving out the children. Evidence is being destroyed. Huma emails too.
RT @LeftistRebel: @StopStopHillary @LyndaAtchison @YouTube #Caris is also an AIDS treatment charity in #Haiti #CarisJames https://t.co/QRkkc9nvb0
@Sonoo_Y I thought you were in Haiti? #Castle
RT @BossCarline: Demain soir à 21h sur canal D documentaire sur Haïti. À ne pas manquer
RT @melomagolego: For me in the story of Haiti I see parallels to Zimbabwe and its current state of decline. Global capital is vindictive and ruthless.
@USPoliticalJour @realDonaldTrump I don't like that one bit! She needs to be prosecuted and the Foundation shut. Money to go to Haiti!
Miu Haiti - Banm Ma Baw (Lyrics) https://t.co/g1U78KIqbV
RT @BrooklynSparks: #tbt 😍 the side of #Haiti they don't want you to see. Taken in #Caris during my first… https://t.co/UIcPdHyRq2
Miu Haiti - Banm Ma Baw (Lyrics) https://t.co/tHfe1xzXgS
Haiti’s Depopulation: A Globalist Project https://t.co/OdPKuyu6FX
Someobody has to clean up @DynCorpIntl child trafficking in Haiti @HillaryClinton https://t.co/pJSGJJBcdw
Apoyando a la Roja. Desde Grupo de Helicopteros Haití. Vamos Chilenos #chinacupxmega
RT @Pharrell: The last thing Haiti needed was another disaster, but Hurricane Matthew obliterated the south. Please help rebuild.… https://t.co/xJXzwmLS09
RT @UNICEF: Haiti: These girls are happy to be back in their school after it was damaged by #HurricaneMatthew. #foreverychild,… https://t.co/1QopJwBcWY
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