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Zac Efron - Ladies' Choice ("Hairspray")
@aarontvuko penny de hairspray porém TRACY, AMEI KKK obrigada sister 💕💕💕
RT @aarontvuko: @izlightwd happy birthday maravilhosa arrasadora do teatro penny de hairspray porem tracy, one of the schuylers sisters AND PEGGY. WORK ✌
7th grade i was an oompa loompa (and a girl but i lost the pic). 8th grade i was edna from hairspray, a monkey, and…
In theory I'm a gentle earth mama. In practice...I will flush out a spider fm under the couch w/ hairspray and kill it w/ my slipper.
RT @ONEx50: We've created the best possible hairspray for cheerleaders! How do we know? Because we're cheerleaders too!…
@_MrAntonio_ yep. And Dmitry was like "But Hairspray tho." And she just had to cede all control to him
Will someone be real enough to drop me off some hairspray )):
My mom is soo fucking cheep that she "can't afford" razors and hairspray. BITCH WAT U TALKIN BOUT!!! YOU HAVE 3 CANADA GOOSE JACKETS
@_MrAntonio_ she might have been able to. If Dmitry had gone with her idea for the freestyle instead of that stupid Hairspray piece.
Ok but I also like hairspray too
RT @ChandlerMassey: Now I know why my old @nbcdays dressing room smelled of self tanner, hairspray, & sexism. Must have been the room they gave @realDonaldTrump
pic of me from 8th grade when i tried to play edna from hairspray and put stuffed animals in my dress (i put a bana…
@smtoulson @Poldarklander Yes. That updo looks like it involved large quantities of hairspray.
RT @Jamie_Annnnn: Today @tj_eden sent me to the store to get him hairspray. This seems backwards 💇
goth juice. the most powerful hairspray known to man. made from the tears of Robert Smith.
Sarah asked for a drink so I have her hairspray and she almost drank it
Hairspray really makes me want to time travel and steal all of their outfits
RT @mckennaa_leeee: I've showered since Saturday and my hair still feels like there's a gallon of hairspray in it.........Why
@talktoskirt I don't use hairspray either.
Today @tj_eden sent me to the store to get him hairspray. This seems backwards 💇
Esse nosso Hairspray vai ser lindo <3
RT @neilmeron: We even use #rehearsal #hairspray during @HairsprayLive rehearsals...@ArianaGrande @MaddieBaillio @DoveCameron…
Hairspray Deluxe Edition Movie and Soundtrack Giveaway via @NYCSingleMom