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RT @FixThePack: I'm really missing the Lambeau Leaps, Hail Mary's, and go pack go chants. Off-season sucks 😩
Want my money long like a hail mary
Throw the hail mary RT @itsTheJoJohnson: So I just met the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life... 😳 should I shoot my shot?
@octothorpe It's not a convent-ional solution, more of a hail Mary pass.
"kung hindi ka kabalo sauluha Hail Mary" halos tanan na gani nga prayer nasaulo na 😭
AM PRAYER LIFE: The Holy Rosary Leader: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. People: Blessed are... https://t.co/JVQCpj4Smd
@HotelMagnusonGA First it was the Hail Mary....
RT @DailyLyricsRap: Now pay attention, rest in peace father I'm a ghost in these killing fields Hail Mary catch me if I go, let's go deep inside -2Pac
eita porra Hail Mary é pesadíssima
@MariusEvensen Ikke noe feil, men man ser jo at Maguire tar en del håpløse Hail Mary-skudd (men tar litt frispark og har en bra fot)
The “Hail, Holy Queen” calls Mary our “most gracious advocate” but Bible calls ONLY Jesus our Advocate 2 the Father& only Mediator #catholic
HAIL MARY. Make it look like Halloween up in February. Bullets tickle your stomach like pillsbury.
FYI MOMENT #CATHOLIC Man made traditions The second part of the “Hail Mary” and portions of the “Hail, Holy Queen” are not biblical.
RT @Tranzformer760: @rawdrive @InsomniacMag @insommagsince96 @DeadEndHipHop new music ! Smash bros - Hail Mary ft grey era x j-Lexo https://t.co/tPmeiP9yY0
@MikeConnors A hail mary on oil prices is still a plan. Albeit, not a great one, but still.
@Loughy_D totally took another hail Mary on him in my DYNO league.
RT @Nikki_deMilo: Hail Mary quite contrary How does your hatred grew? With skin of snake and rabid bait we're going straight to hell 🎶
Peanut butter porter, anyone? How about a Hail Mary Imperial Stout? @titletownbeer hosts new beer fest on Saturday: https://t.co/API01nULas
c Now Playing -- 2 Pac -- Hail Mary https://t.co/hdZl3Hgek1
O Fábio veio me cumprimentar ficou todo à toa ahahah
Quando tiver 25% de bateria vou me embora xD
Meio ano de castigo para aquele paneleiro comer foda se
Why I love the rosary I must admit, as a Protestant I strongly believed Catholics praying the Hail Mary or the... https://t.co/uFW3Six1Al