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RT @CatchTheBaby: Pls RT Hail Mary instead of Heil Trump: How the Electoral College Can Still Legally Stop a Trump Presidency (video)… https://t.co/cs4KMBNwx7
6 days!! Only 6 days until Hail Mary from @AuthorNRendell can be yours!Click the link to preorder-get ready to melt… https://t.co/3Ml01cozsd
Clearly the NY Daily News hasn’t had time to brush up on the 12th Amendment. Goofy. https://t.co/HX3TC72Az9
RT @AmandaJuneBell: Guys, it's a hail mary, but tell the DOJ to audit the votes. There's too much potential Russian interference to ignore, period. 202-514-2000
HOW TO JUMP START A CIVILWAR: The Hail Mary to defeat Donald Trump: It's up to you, electors https://t.co/Yj1LJ08Kn2 #LiberalSuicide
Packers: Another Hail Mary not enough for Green Bay in overtime... https://t.co/ALW09BQAgg #GreenBayPackers
Arizona Cardinals overcome Aaron Rodgers' Hail Mary, beat Green Bay Packers in #KirkCousins #GreenBayPackers…… https://t.co/jIgzQDyWRN
@phildawsonradio The loss at Michigan St on Hail Mary worst ever. You knew after that it cost them chance to reach Natl Champ game.
Arizona Cardinals overcome Aaron Rodgers’ Hail Mary, beat... https://t.co/9qr7eC4U0r #KirkCousins #GreenBayPackers
Ma chanson préférée de Tupac sa reste Hail Mary ... Ce son il est incroyable
The Hail Mary to defeat Donald Trump: It's up to you, electors https://t.co/WsNaHIE602
Dear, Mr President-Elect: Skip Hamilton. Where is your tweet against this? 'Hail Trump!': https://t.co/qXEgXLmWhh
RT @LawyerRogelio: ALL THESE WRITERS ARE FROM UT AN UTLAW SCHOOL The Hail Mary to defeat Donald Trump: WE NEED HILLARY NO ONE ELSE https://t.co/VmnAs44Ppm
Hail Mary, Full of Grace... (repeats 5x) https://t.co/o76nMVlLur
RT @HamiltonElector: "The history of dictators destroying republics... dates back to Athens & Rome. We are on a similar precipice."… https://t.co/UPn0oDik0V
Catholics will run to confession so they can be forgiven after their 10 Hail Mary's, only to go out and do it again https://t.co/qQ9jRXTm7g
This happens every day 😑 my thighs be fucked https://t.co/aBbVPyxko5