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RT @MCBabeRuth3: Dogs win 22-16 on Hail Mary that was called incomplete great game
@LettyMata6 GO BLUE! Hail to our victors!!!!
Dogs win 22-16 on Hail Mary that was called incomplete great game
@lcisdathletics Still proud of my Mustangs! Hail Lamar High!!! Class of '83
RT @SGVNSports: Wow, on a South Hills Hail Mary to end the half, Nohl Williams returned it 95 yards for an INT and TD ... but a pen… https://t.co/h3BZGQXR6U
RT @dsnnatroy: we must all hail the queen and king of atlantis https://t.co/W7fEO8DgMe
RT @conville_savage: It took me 21 years to realize it’s hard as hail not hard as hell
@FGamdu جاني صداع يوم شفت اللعبه هههه يوم تذكرتها😂
RT @IYKS5: This is the power of Bepannah.Every single one of us is tweeting since yesterday irrespective of who we're or from… https://t.co/igub0JVF8p
@ChristineNiles1 God bless you and keep you. Thank you for your charity and kindness. The work you do is difficul… https://t.co/t6D2raFAsz
Follow King Chody, the Ruler of the Universe.. Compliance will be rewarded! Hail Hydra!! *blinks*
I feel like @TSM_Hamlinz is slept on af. Man's a god. All hail Lord Blower.
@wesleysmorgan Least surprising news ever.
@momsagainstbren Hail Satan! Fun fact: The tenets of the Satanic Temple are all about peace&doing what is right sim… https://t.co/av5BkF7voK
RT @Aemon3428: El caballero del aguacate. Capitulo 1 Odebrecht. Felicidades @Hail_Gu rescate este vídeo. Con lo de Odebrecht.… https://t.co/6QWcDaahdf
"Texas, our Texas, all hail the mighty State" https://t.co/XENgQIDn5Z