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All Hail King Shai
RT @Awesome_Skies: About 30 miles E. Of Crosbyton, #Texas we intercepted this #astounding #supercell in full glory. It produced brief… https://t.co/LBwKukqeyB
Snow ❄️ hail not sure but rainy and cold in Denver @SouthwestAir ☔️ https://t.co/SzZc2v4qX8
RT @SaninPazC: @DCoronell Hermano, con esa obsesión parece que fuera a terminar sacándose el pipí y proponiéndole a Petro que se lo midan.
RT @blacklabelmag: Ya'll can have your damn rabbits...I'll take blasphemy! "The Pilgrimage of St. Magdalene" now available for your n… https://t.co/KixyYfJ9ZT
All hail the hypnotoad. The mystery kills me!
Орда живёт! All hail Orda! https://t.co/2J8sjNPKe2
@JMDiaz1O3 Si les soy sincero no siento que este sea el original, en la primera cuenta escribias distinto y las pub… https://t.co/rdqnQwWMnt
RT @StevieSoFetch_: * that whole idea of walking around like “i am better than everyone” is PURE TRASH! 🗣🗣🗣🗣
@hail_discordia @brhylliant @MitchBenn What really happened was that he thought he would be “edgy” and “relevant” b… https://t.co/BqNyZFx2sG
RT @EllenCScott: train tinnies are British culture and if you disagree we can fight https://t.co/od7hJwCSLs
RT @damishaB_: And the angel came in unto her and said hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee; blessed art tho… https://t.co/dAgDI6UCT1
Also, a little more substantially, I thought SECRET HITLER was a pretty good Werewolf variant, but right now my fav… https://t.co/EVF8Z2ZkKp
Slaven plz come to Glasgow celtic make history wae 10 in a row and we've got some fantastic youth coming thru there… https://t.co/ggKMKPxkPX
Buhari vs Atiku: Ex-Vice President opens up on true nationality, reveals where his parents hail from https://t.co/Bw3MGlsqoS