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Buen día! Hoy se arranca tempranitoo 💪💪💪☀☀
RT @itsdamntru: I actually do this 😂😂 https://t.co/57IkTV22PF
RT @BabyAriel: blessed with people in my life who are always there for me when i'm feeling down
RT @itsdamntru: cute things to call your girlfriend: 1. sugar 2. honey 3. flour 4. egg 5. 1/2 lb butter 6. stir 7. pour into pan 8. preheat to 375°
RT @MarkTalksTelly: Larry Hagman has walked so far off the set that (in motion) we can not only see the studio but also a studio worker… https://t.co/DD7fmIrCVG
@NS_online respect voor die 2 collega's die alle passagiers van info moeten voorzien. Vraag alleen wie komen helpen.
RT @CommonWhiteGirI: Whoever thought that Instagram needed to refresh the timeline every time you leave the app needs to be fired
RT @kaylor23keeling: You're perfect, you have a meaning, you are indescribable.
RT @itsdamntru: Girls never get mad for no reason. It may be over something small or stupid, but there's always a reason.
IDEA: App that will will generate meals that can be made out of items in pantry/fridge/freezer (entered by people who can't cook).
@PedroGuerreroLA @stevesaxspeaks You were two of my favorite Dodgers as a kid!!
RT @beechloren02: anyways i feel horrible so i'm gonna head to bed, love you all lots. remember to stay true to yourself and don't change for anyone❤️ night 🌟
RT @bruhitszach: highkey sad that vine is officially gone tomorrow :/
RT @itsdamntru: boy: *watches sports with gf* girl: that was such a good play!! boy: do u even know what the coach's youngest sons middle name is?
RT @bruhitszach: also sorry for the lack of content, I got yall, don't worry 😋 thanks for stickin with me
RT @beechloren02: girls are so quick to hate on other girls but if a guy does the same thing it's okay. honestly hate the double standards .
RT @beechloren02: i can never win.
I could use some Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy in my life right now #dallas
Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/eL9Rs0VY17 Gente Que Está Cambiando el Mundo #04 - Pueblo a Pueblo - Itai Hagman
RT @linneahelmerss: Seriös fråga jag har: när ska ur&penn gå i konkurs