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RT @BetteMidler: So #Trumpus has signed an Exec Order to clear up yet another rumpus he has started. He is both the arsonist AND the fireman. #HEROSYNDROME
RT @KokeReport: .@POTUS: "We're having a lot of problems with Democrats. They don't want to vote for anything. They don't care abou…
@Zappos Going too try 💕 Gwen is my favorite 😍💯
Gwen's kids! Heart and Soul! Djuma pan earlier #safarilive
RT @accessonline: Aww! @gwenstefani is falling more and move in love with @blakeshelton and his Oklahoma life.
@AmenJenn Lol! Charlie is the same, one time she was gonna race Gwen and she took two steps and wiped out and when…
RT @accessonline: Aww! @gwenstefani is falling more and move in love with @blakeshelton and his Oklahoma life.
RT @isohappiIy: 27. esta fue la entrevista más ridícula que tuvieron los chicos, se la pasaron aburridos y burlándose de gwen hasta…
RT @hsh316: SANITY: Twitter decides tweet promoting stabbing of ICE agents violates the rules on abusive behavior
RT @Cernovich: The past 2-3 days were good for Trump.
Ciara Banana here! For our latest new today, Matt, 1/2 of the best Tag Team of our generation was a Gwen Stefani f…
RT @JacobAWohl: WATCH LIVE: President @realDonaldTrump holds a rally in Duluth, Minnesota
RT @instapundit: Cornell denies student his Ph.D. – and may expel him – for allegedly defending professor against rape claim…
#NewBook: The Contract by John Howell and Gwen Plano via @TinaFrisco
RT @Tell_Michelle_: Democrat Bill Would Let Parents Who Commit Fed Crimes Go Scot-Free
RT @1SKERKRO: If you're like me health care is one of the most important issues in deciding my vote for the next Governor of Flor…
RT @THEHermanCain: It's called "moving the goalposts."
@FR4NKY20 You know they toured together... and she idolizes Gwen... right. You know that right
RT @heyitsmeCarolyn: It would be cruel to separate a child from their mother... So lock them both up! #LockThemUp
RT @drfaggot_: I have a video of me fingering ur booty while sucking ur dick. Sit this one out.