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I'm just a misunderstood guy who lost his ability to distinguish good or evil because of a sad backstory... SYKE! SAD BACKSTORY MY ASS
@theRussell2000 remember that guy who lost to Obama? That one term!
@JulianBurnside @smh the guy who lost citizenship posed with his son carrying a decapitated head. You need to find a more worthy cause.
Moore: Trump 'sounds like guy who lost' - CNN Video
Who's paying for Dinner? The guy who lost at golf! 🀣
Moore: Trump 'sounds like guy who lost' @CNN
@Mitch_Stewart also can we all enjoy the usage of #Outnumbered by a network supporting the guy who lost by 3 million votes.
@FoxNews @MeghanMcCain ...says the daughter of a guy who lost in 2008. What is it w/ you guys and thinking you can silence people?
@GOP @POTUS you mean the guy who lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes? No, I don't stand with that guy.
@fuddernuteh @Andywarski to be fair... the guy who lost his head may have misgendered or used the wrong pronouns... sjw logic right?
You ever think that the song "love stinks" was written by a guy who lost his vCard to a girl with poor hygiene?
Coming from the daughter of a guy who lost both the electoral college and the popular vote. #REALLYoutnumbered
Says the daughter of the guy who lost. Big time. #Outnumbered #Vacuous #Vapid #Nepotism
$KBSF broke $10 but I'm the guy who lost $$ on it. Don't miss the daily recap!
Reddit, what is the humiliating thing the guy who lost my fantasy football league should have to do?
@realDonaldTrump "failing" @nytimes sounds funny from guy who lost to @HillaryClinton by 3 million votes and loses every court case #fail
Guy who lost state by @3,000 votes tells woman who lost it 743 that she lost because she criticized him.
Event selfies with the guy who lost 220+ lbs with Orangetheory in a year 🍊
@Toby101800 @AP_Politics @AP @jasoninthehouse Right? Who would've thought the guy who lost the popular vote by 3 million wasn't popular?!?
@sdut The guy who lost the Chargers and took away drinking on the beach?
the story abt the guy who lost his wife at mcdonalds is so fucking funny km crykng
@realDonaldTrump OK.No more jokes about the guy who lost the popular vote.President BannonΒ΄s apprentice
He lost to a guy who lost 4 of his last 7.and struggled with him in the rematch.
@BainesVIP Guy who lost πŸ’Ό with coke worth Β£50m πŸ˜‚
I seem to recall a guy who lost bigger than Clinton tweeting from 2009-2017.