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"Hi! My name is Nu-Nu. I Play guitar for the heavy metal band Extreme. 'More Than Words'. And my name is Nu-Nu."
@kalonZombie For real the Guitar Hero: Metallica demo once killed my 360. Was perfectly fine and then just died in the middle of it.
@JaredDines changing strings and tuning a guitar with a Floyd rose.
RT @Supreme_Tay: I use to play tf out of Guitar Hero.
# Squier By Fender Stagemaster 7 String Electric Guitar Standard Series
# Ibanez Electric Guitar - Cherry Red Finish
2012 Gibson Les Paul Studio Rare Inverness Green Guitar
RT @Mark_Beech: My playlist last night led me to this. Not a huge fan of all Yes but love the final guitar duel on this @yesofficial
@iammeredith21 AHAHAHH well, our lord of guitar can do this effect LOL
RT @phantomtime0178: ENDLESS SUMMERの 稲葉浩志さんが言ってました 言葉、いつ聞いても 感動します。 稲葉浩志さん 「25年前、あー……自分のバンドが 作りたいなぁ……と この人が思わなかったら B'zは、誕生しませんでした on…
RT @yoongisoutfit: king of inventing the air guitar!
thx to my mom for being abnormal&giving me&my brothers guitar hero Beatles edition when we were very little. quiz me ik the song.
Why the heck does it take so late by for paisley park to deliver items? I want my tamboracca and my cloud guitar!
Sungha Jung - Carol In Spring ( second guitar part) via @YouTube
RT @yuchaso_prince: 『不可逆リプレイス』- MY FIRST STORY guitar cover by ゆーちゃそ王子 #MYFIRSTSTORY #マイファス #らぶりつ
RT @mochi_6925: こういう雑誌でライブの服装を提案してる人にこの格好でモッシュピットに放り込ませたいよね。
RT @OstimusPrime: I'm just gonna bring my guitar to work and play. 🤷🏽‍♂️