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@723usagi 余裕かましてるなぁって思った(⌒-⌒; )頑張れ!٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
we want a bass guitar
@LaidbackLuke ... When you could just tweak the guitar to make it sound the way you want
Listen to me sing "She will be loved (Acoustic guitar)" on #Smule: #SingKaraoke
RT @tommig0715: ギターレッスンと演奏の日記 from 富川ギター教室 : 「アコレデ」「ねこぢた」編曲法~ギターはドローンだ!
‘Airzoom - Keep Love Alive (Paul Hided ft. Andi Vax Live Guitar Remix)’ on #SoundCloud #np
@hhgy735 えったろ最近バンドもご飯行ったりもしてない寂しい!とりあえず飲みいこ👌
@guitar_kanade2 うちもそれすごいほしいんだけど、偽物が結構出回ってるらしくてなかなか手が出せない😂
a random event happened: i reminded you to check the sugar star mine to see if there's any loot in there (cool guitar solo)
RT @hudd_kalen14: Your not a Metallica fan if you dont love the long guitar solos
@jealousaudio I got a custom-mega custom one) My brother is a guitar geek, so he made it himself and it's a kinda hybrid (pickups wise)
@norinori0107 とても為になりす....!Noriさんのオススメする音感トレーニングや本はありますか?
RT @hiyuura: ไอ้คำถาม “Are we alone in the universe?” นี่มีมานานแล้ว แต่คำตอบนี่เหมือนหวังว่าจะเจอสิ่งมีชีวิตมีสติปัญญามากกว่าเจออะมีบา พารามีเซียมอวกาศ
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@rikurolls i just want him to hit me w that guitar im weak his hair in this pic makes me weak im losing my powers
@LaidbackLuke it's like not wanting to use a guitar because you didn't invent it and try to create a new one form scratch...
RT @iHeartRadio: We see you eyeing down that guitar and that #iHeartAwards win for #BestMusicVideo! Vote for #Heathens while you sti…
When your boyfriend asks you what size guitar you want kid size or full size... I know I'm small but cmon be nice