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I liked a @YouTube video 30 Seconds To Mars - This Is War - Francisco Marchioni (Instrumental Guitar Cover)
RT @lvlvfake: 新オペこれチーター視点やんけ
I'm bouta bust a guitar hero nut
Four Tips to Learning the Guitar
RT @atvunz: ตอนนี้ตัวโตกว่าคุณแม่แล้ว เดินโอบไหล่คุณแม่ได้สบายเลย
[LJJ facts] Posisi: Vokalis, Rapper, Guitar dan Bass. (Gitar dan Vokal di Triple FT.)
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube ( - CUANDO GUITAR HERO ES TU VIDA..!!! 😱🕹).
RT @GuitarArmada: Message of the day - #boardgames #games #sales #marketing #pr #promotions#business #businessowners #entrepenuers…
i have setlists, signed albums and guitar picks 👋🏻😴
@qs86_prfm うんww ほんとに巨匠のかっこよさを伝えたい 私の中のヒーローだってこともw
@HEEJINAE Ooh, you're a fan? Thank you for both of compliment and welcome, sweetie! Hey, I've always been wanting t…
Early Sunday morning... that’s my girl!!! High heels, red car & guitar 👠🚘 🎸❤️ Lol!!! 😉
XBOX 360 Guitar Hero 2 X-Plorer Wired Controller: Price 27.0$ 21 Bids. End Time: 2018-02-20…
Lucas Parker blows it UP as guitar player in Tommy Bolin’s Dreamers 🔥➕Lucas Miguel Parker➕🔥
RT @the1Dscene: Harry Styles embraces a new curtain-inspired fashion style via @Femail
*visits Syd at guitar center once, goes home fully prepared to become the best drummer in history*
RT @beloved_x0X: Being curvy as a female guitarist i feel underated and overlooked Just looking on how guns n roses posted only girl…
ATJC Presents DISNEY Shabbat - Fri, Mar 9 6:00 PM. Join Rabbi Berkun on Guitar and Cantor Muchnick on Keyboard for…
RT @Serjones: A Gibson está à beira da falência. Sinal dos tempos...