Grumpy Tweeters

Unsaon pagpangayo money nga all grumpy mode si mama napud
That's one grumpy selfie for my humps, one crunk tweet for squad
RT @thefunnyteensr: i like Buttercup cause she’s grumpy but kisses make her happy and i can relate to that
@ridinglassie Grumpy dad mode kicks in. "Do you know how much it costs to feed an animal like that? Let alone how much the vet bills will>
@Coles yet again, stupid self serve registers not working well at all, I ask for help and all I get is a rude attitude from a grumpy lady 🤢
@AORStevieSQ Yeah I was a bit wrong with Bottas xD Bad choice of trying to make impressions when I was grumpy after FP2 xD
Grumpy boy just woke up😩 phutu_verdi @ Badung, Bali, Indonesia
@goddersbloom @sahouraxox We bicker terribly with France like some grumpy old married couple but at the end of the day we stick together.
RT @_vaticancameos: Taemin was a little grumpy tonight but I kinda liked it? Lol
@DazTheBeard I'm famously grumpy before coffee. People avoid me.
Bazen en güzeli her şeyin güzel olması için dua edip uyumaktır. Grumpy Bear
RT @84elcamino: Today's warmup: Big pink bird BF (he's not always grumpy! he does smile every now and then)
@ODanicaRockwood how did you manage that to happen
@xeccar @melindiscott Ah. Woke up a bit grumpy? And scared?
RT @HillaryClinton: Today was a victory for all Americans.
📷 kingdomkome21: ltklowbi: grumpy-white-girll: not2touchtheearth: sixpenceee: Maine Coon cats...
Grumpy spotty itchy boy refusing medicine or calamine lotion 😕Will…
RT @Hombre_al_agua: -¿Pero tú no trabajas los sábados, verdad? -
I think I was born grumpy
@Arsenal Please stop Old, Grumpy and Expired tactics. #WengerOut