Grumpy Tweeters

RT @vminissi: interviewer: describe suga in one word? jimin: sleepy hoseok: grumpy taehyung: are we naming the Seven Dwarves
RT @catdaniellee: I just wanna talk to my girl all night but I don't wanna deal with her being grumpy in the morning 🤕🙂🙃
@Patokiahh It won't cuz now it'll take up my entire day to get a new prescription :DDD and I'm gonna be grumpy af without them :DDDDDDD
RT @LaetPO: Gaaawwwd... (Via Drink Wisconsinbly) "Grumpy bartender not included" .
RT @tanjastweets: Me: Now that's one grumpy snowman. He: I think that's supposed to be a bauble! My unwaveringly positive general dis…
I dreamed I let a grumpy theme park worker back into my school email.
Grumpy this morning tho Coffee helps. Getting out of the coffin and workin out the ol rigor mortis. Howdy y'all.
RT @LukeMaiz: estuve solo en mi apartamento esta noche.. prepare comida... vi una película.. y tuve un conversión con Grumpy el gato por treinta minutos.
RT @Jonathan__Leake: Pessimistic, bitter & grumpy women die young say scientists @KTHopkins @LouiseMensch
MOANA SPOILER ALERT *watches grumpy volcano turn back into goddess* *first thing goddess does is take a nap* Me: same
❤️ our family traditions! Spent Wednesday night w/Meme & Grumpy @FPConservatory 4 Merry & Bright and Friday night…
The grumpy old men at the Y in the morning are what I live for.
It's ridiculous how affected my mood gets by the snow. I've been grumpy and irritated all day because of the hideous amount of it outside
RT @padmabhujaga: Emergency sketch commission 2/2 for @ShagpokeStudios! Grumpy fluffed up gryphon~
@E4tMeDr1nkMe great news, I obviously have grumpy bits 😂
I hate being sold to. I hate #sales calls. So how do you sell to a grumpy prospect like me?
Child weather running makes me very grumpy. 😣
Minha família é wild, a vovó já incitou uma multidão a virar um carro de polícia
I feel very grumpy
RT @drshne: i have a weakness for grumpy but handsome brown men FML
It's so hot and I'm waiting for my dad in the parking lot but he just WON'T COME so yeah I'm sweaty and grumpy and hungry. End My Suffering
RT @phichitxt: after ep 10 i realised that otabek probably isn't grumpy, he just has a constant resting bitch face