Grumpy Tweeters

I woke up grumpy af. Jesus help me get through the day 😂
LOL. Tho it has to be said I'm just a bit too much like one of the grumpy old scroats in the Muppets shouting from…
Stayed until almost 9pm in the office. It felt like I'm a grown-up-grumpy-stressed woman 😅😂 Hahaha. Jk!
Day 2 of 9... grumpy af 😒
Anyone who knows me well knows: when life’s got me down, I bust out a onesie. Gloomy bear + my childhood Grumpy Bea…
KingM:You know the Wise Old Elf? What's he like? King:He's wise. Queen:He's old. Holly:He's- Nanny:He's a grumpy old elf who's a bit clever.
(cause they're already grumpy) Last part is a joke, the fact about quitting smoking is true
RT @BlueWolf1894: You grumpy, condescending, piss-taking, custards.
I love reading a grumpy #grammarian like Jacques Barzun. #grammar
You grumpy, condescending, piss-taking, custards.
@robertAbooey in @HowardStern old age he's getting grumpy and jealous an
@Gricehead Yes I know they do, and I must seem like a grumpy old git but it's something we never got involved with as children.
Thank goodness - don't know what I'd do if @Beathhigh bumped off Rebus. Grumpy old curmudgeon that he is (Rebus, I…
TBH I hate grumpy ines she's such a drag
RT @yuteesonyu: ฮืออออออออออ อีกหนึ่งความงดงามของโลกใบนี้ รอยยิ้มพิฆาต โลกสดใสเบิกบาน
If I fall asleep now I will be a grumpy ryzu
To the chap that just cold called me...sorry for being grumpy..I get your doing your job. All I know is the chap had a ne accent. #sorry