Groundhog Day

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Parenting. Effectively a Groundhog Day of continually tidying up this 5m x 6m room.
Groundhog Day...ECU welcome back to Cincinnati! #gobearcatsfootball
Classic 90s Movie: “Groundhog Day” via @ShareThis
Groundhog Day by Harold Ramis Bill Murray 1993 #Screenshot 05
Time for my 6-monthly take-apart of our @IndesitUK 'frost free' fridge freezer, DM their Twitter team and then hear…
@ALANMYERSMEDIA you know more than most how patient we've been Alan. Feels like Groundhog Day supporting our club. #EFC
RT @BenShapQuotes: "This entire campaign has just been a series of Groundhog Day suicide attempts by the American people."
RT @stormfrontfreak: #BehindTheScenes of Ep12 with @JohnBelskiWLKY playing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on Groundhog Day! Listen for th…
@GQ1876 but it's been Groundhog Day for couple of years .. Must cut this out , must stop that ..I personally seen nothing change
@ariestyorizk @pseuDony_ ki, Groundhog Day uda nongton belon?
@mr_mocaine Time prisoner. Fool's trapped in a Groundhog Day.
I'm really hoping that @AMD Zen processors are going to be great. I'm sick of @intel trapping us in quad core Groundhog Day.
RT @SalandP: #PhilCollinsAFilm Another Groundhog Day in paradise
@TJay392 groundhog day loading soon asper norms😝
best heir to Groundhog Day
@AdzCampbell91 groundhog day, the moment we get the opportunity to excert pressure and lay down a marker our big players hide.
It's like Groundhog Day 😞
#PhilCollinsAFilm Another Groundhog Day in paradise
@jinsamon เออ ว่าแล้วก็นึกถึงหนังเก่าม๊ากกก ชื่อGroundhog day ที่พระเอกติดลูปวันเดิมๆ ออกไม่ได้ ฆ่าตัวตายก็ไม่ได้ ไปๆมาๆเลยเรียนนุ่นนี่จนเทพ
RT @phototherapy318: @alivitali trump version of groundhog day
@alivitali trump version of groundhog day
@RichSkilbeck Saturday betting must be like Groundhog Day for you.