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Klaudia Diekmann erzählt die #Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm als Balladen nach. Lesenswert! (kl)
Fratricide riding off an emotion. Confess? - The Picture of Brothers Grimm #DorianGray #OscarWilde #Fairies #Grimm
Imagine how much self confidence you would have to have for him to want to Fuck you.
@e33iedQ TRRRRRUUUUEEE!!! The bromance between Goblin and Grimm Reaper is hilarious!!
RT @takazajw: We have @VivziePop, @Latinvixen, and @Remy__Wolf for Guests of Honor next year, will be fantastic to See Grimm’s Fairy Tales come to life!
A Grimm Fairytale like no other. Get yours today!
E' iniziato VISIONE MISTERIOSA - GRIMM su #mediasetitalia2 Clicca qui per classifica tweet:
Italy’s Premier, Matteo Renzi, Says He’ll Resign After Reform Rejected, via @nytimes
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube de @majesticcasual ( - Golden Coast - Break My Fall (Rainer & Grimm
やっとGRIMMシーズン3観てるけど 、ニック イズ ベリーベリー ハンサム サイコー!
#MediasetItaliaDueDTT: VISIONE MISTERIOSA - GRIMM, #Yoyo: Peppa Pig, #StudioUniversal: IL MAGO HOUDINI - visita
Only if you could negotiate with the Grimm reaper , how much for that soul huh??!! Men I'm sad so so sad
RT @NdosSantosCNN: #italy waking up to sound rejection of @matteorenzi constitutional reforms in #italyreferendum. Milan markets wakin…
Wish I could sleep
Got myself an early present... and it's the perfect addition to my random-stuff shelf 💖 #whereiscarl #creaturecarl
Uh oh— is Grimm falling for her? ♡ Eyebrow waggle.
when you shave your legs but your plans fall through & now you have soft legs for nothing
RT @qikipedia: In the Grimm version, Rumpelstiltskin gets so angry he grabs his left foot and tears himself in two.
RT @FabulousWeird: Carriage from The Brothers Grimm