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Smoking a bowl in bed watching The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy.💀😴
RT @tammyhembroww: im a brat??? okay and??? i know??? next argument???
RT @MikeCarti: Next person to waste my time getting bleach put in they water
This Grimm Adventures sample in particular is my fav by Uber
Mother Goose and Grimm for 10/21/2016 #arcamax @stscholasticas Cat are really from the good side of the force! LOL
it sucks bc girls typically have to be constantly reminded that they're important to someone or else they start doubting it hahahhahahaha
RT @_EmilyPerkins: it kinda blows my mind how no matter how much someone showed they didn't care you still do
RT @IMeSayIt: #ผมนี่แหละกล่าวว่า "เรื่องเล็ก ๆ ที่ต้องทนรับ แม้จะไม่ได้มากมายอะไร แต่นานวันไป ก็ใช่ว่าจะไม่เหนื่อย" #สาระ
vou assistir grimm
@Grimm_Family @DannyBrunoActor un muy buen descubrimiento de este personaje, bud es único. Qué risas con el. 😂😂. Me encanta. 🙌🙌
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RT @sarah_hbeck: #Inktober day 14 Grimm is upset that I keep drawing Makoto and the gang. He's got a point tho, I should be focusing…
RT @MMAfightfans: 🇺🇸#Florida #NorthCarolina #Ohio Choose #TrumpPenceLandslide World's Greatest Comeback Unfolding Before Your 👀's Ca…
RT @Gidi_Traffic: [6:49AM]"@aamechi: After Fatgbems filling station approaching MILE2 OKE Heavy traffic. Alternative BERGER over pass.@Gidi_Traffic"
@stolengemstone *he gently squeezes your ass gently as he holds tighter
RT @Gidi_Traffic: "@CBSNews NOW: Elizabeth Warren: "Us nasty women" will be voting on Nov.8th to get Trump "out of our lives FOREVER"
RT @nadalindistheb1: Thanks God 😭... New Chapter #NadalindFanfiction #Fanction #Grimm bye twitter... Cookies And My #Nadalind