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Nick Griffin & the BNP's fall from the public eye was done by exposing their ideas on BBC's Question Time. Not by someone punching Griffin.
Loooool is she Stewie Griffin
RT @BBCNewsnight: America has a new President. His name is Donald J Trump. Here's the opener to our #inauguration special #Newsnight
@Derrick_Griffin bout time. U have a schedule or u just running whenever ?
RT @ncaawrestling: "It's one of the hardest things you will ever's going to prepare me for the rest of my life." -- Purdue's A…
Ich mag das @YouTube-Video von @NBA_Countdown_: Blake Griffin Top 10 Plays of Career
2016 Panini black Friday 6 Robert Griffin 111 sparkle 7/10 Cleveland #NFL
i love theo mcintyre and griffin jennings so much huhu kelan ako magiging over sa librong 'to
@bi_luguita A mí me suena "tap" del cole pero no recuerdo a nadie haberlo dicho nunca. También diría "griffin" pero respeto nuestra amistad
if they can't pay make them pickup tush in parks freeways clean off griffin something like that right
Fabio Volo e il metodo Brian Griffin per scrivere un libro - #DT #libri
Griffin is relatable in the sense that he knows a lot about Garfield and acts like a child about it
RT @adrianmckinty: White House website now promotes Melania Trump's modeling and jewelry line
@SethMacFarlane Today's tweets are brought to you via my Stewie Griffin shot glass
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