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Racquel Oden lands at JP Morgan Chase. She is featured in our 2017 Icons & Innovators issue.…
RT @DemiladeR: Babcock university need to invest in these sex dolls for their lecturers and pastors. Let the girls in that school rest.
RT @goodwoman_: There are lots of CEOs on this app. Be careful who you insult.
RT @travelpikin: Cheapest flights deals !!! Lagos to Frankfurt- #299,022. Lagos to London - #270,395. Lagos to Atlanta- #371,870. A…
下の人に魔法の粉チョチョンチョン       *。      +゚★*     ゚。;*|∧ ∧    ・゚** ∩・ω・ )    。*:+。・ ノ  ⊃  +*:*+*・  し-J :*:゚・ 。
My break so far: 3d modelling cats with oden skewers 고먐미 오뎅 모델링은 이걸로 끝!!
RT @bochacha: 100万回妄想されたであろう電車うづりん
RT @gusto_official: \ #1000円分無料チャレンジ / てりたまハンバーグ&ライス日替わりスープセットが実質無料で食べられる!? 応募方法は @gusto_official をフォロー&この投稿をリツイート♪ 当選者にはキャンペーン終了後にDMに…
RT @FortniteFunny: The the greatest dab I have ever seen idgaf if it’s a video game or not.
@su_ke_oden 아...살다보면 이런광경도 보나싶어요 어제의적이 오늘의 개샛기가되어 나타나다니... ,. . 저 같이 라는말만없어도 어이없어서 잠깨진 않았을텐데😕😕😕😕ㅠㅠ
RT @IndustryLames: Been waiting for someone to fade Austin Rivers for years after this
@Jamestu20 Man, Greg Oden was thought to be Tim Duncan and was out of the league in two years. You're chasing cars.…
@Ruthette @KyleJamesHoward If you've not read it, Oden's How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind is key to your study.…
RT @GirlishLava: You gotta play the part when your friends are gassing you up