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@crwright78 I did not know some Green Lantern has died in GL issue
Guardians of the Galaxy, Green Lantern Corps, Planetes Manga, Tenchi Muyo!, Nausicaa of the Valey of the Wind, anyt…
LyndeeClark : You know you're out of it when you watch half of green lantern in Spanish ..?? (via Twitter
Puedes estar triste. Pero nunca estarás tan triste como Green Lantern cuando se fabricó una cafetería para pasar el…
You know you're out of it when you watch half of green lantern in Spanish ..??
Blake Lively as Carol Ferris | Green Lantern (2011)
RT @Twirralshopping: Check out GREEN LANTERN .....FIRST FLIGHT ....DVD / CD ROCK CLOCK in Box .. FREE P+P uk
So Green Lantern confirmed for Justice league ? ❤️💯
@CDS_blog @WarnerBrosSpain Sería interesante verlo como Green Lantern
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles/in Cars with Boys Raise the Green Lantern #MakeTwoMoviesBecomeOne
I just found an old Kate Bush CD single with a B-track "from the comic strip film GLC," and I'm, "They made a Green Lantern Corps movie?"
RT @avxnger: ryan reynolds dissed the green lantern movie every time he could and y'all think he'll return ? nah
Q2: I'm a fan of Allen the Alien and strange background aliens of Green Lantern. Also Sleaza Blorbleton here! GG Is…
@noobde Will there be more green lantern action wink wink darkest night and brightest day in Injustice 2?
I liked a @YouTube video Green Lantern NG "White Lantern End of All" - Complete Story
wish i had a friend who was super obsessed w green lantern so they could tell me what issues to read for blackest night and kyle raynor runs
RT @catplushe: 'fly safe, highball!' -- 'uh, no.' ✧hal jordan (green lantern) aesthetic✧
RT @DC_Animated: Green Lantern finds out that Batman is just a guy in a bat costume. - [Justice League: War]
Week News: Heroes v Aliens, Nuevas series de Los Inhumans, Green Lantern en JL, Han Solo y más.: via @YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video Godhead Act 3 - Green Lantern "End of Everything"
it is going to be a paramount exercise of willpower that would put a Green Lantern to shame for me not to just play this nonstop
RT @thisdayincomics: Kyle Rayner became Green Lantern in Green Lantern #48 (November 23, 1993).
@SpindleyQ @LittleMxSurly you missed the philosophy of Green Lantern one :)
RT @ComicBookNOW: Major GREEN LANTERN Character Heads Towards The Light -