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What about Nick Cage? Cyborg? Black Panther, Nick Fury, Prodigy. That's just Marvel. Green Lantern for DC though???
WonderCon 2015: IDW announces ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Green Lantern’ crossover
@ElisabethCAG claro que no paso lo mismo con Green Lantern pero no hablemos de eso jajaja
i luvd the green lantern rebirth issues i just hated how batman was depicted like......try harder......? BUT STILL UGH ME UNCLE HAL
DJ Green Lantern has some good mixtapes under his belt. My favorite might be Fort Minor's.
@EthanVanSciver You are THE BEST Green Lantern artist ever.
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Check out the highly-rated eBook "Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War" #kindle
RT @CoolComicArt: Green Lantern & Harley Quinn by Darwyn Cooke
RT @ryan_chua: @Watdahel_Marcel Drew's sa Katipunan? Game! Order tayo ng Green Lantern 😂 @IrishDDizon
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@kryptonianstarr you're not going to believe this....or maybe you will....but I found a couple of green lantern bed sets...for reasons......
RT @GailSimone: But to think it's something new and rare is disingenuous. It's comics. People send hate mail if Green Lantern wears a hat.