@BadlandsNPS "You tweet about Climate Change one more time, son... and I'll push you off this Fuckin' cliff"
Dear rebellious/fired @BadlandsNPS tweeter - there's a free couch waiting for you in Golden
RT @Star_Stuff_ivan: NASA - NOAA Data shows Global temperatures for the last 136 years: Spot a trend
RT @stevesilberman: .@BadlandsNPS won't be cowed by Trump's creepy gag orders. Well done.
RT @RealMuckmaker: Badlands National Park goes rogue on Twitter, defies Donald Trump on DAPL and climate change via @PalmerReport
Despite Gag Orders, Badlands National Park Tweets Facts About Climate Change via @selectall
RT @BuzzFeed: A national park deleted tweets on climate change after Trump silenced federal scientists
RT @thehill: National park defies Trump social media ban with climate change tweets:
RT @voxdotcom: Badlands National Park tweeted some climate change facts today. It didn’t end well.
RT @BadIandsNPS: Recent research suggests that polar bears don't actually like the cold, so they're fine with climate change.
RT @swissbusiness: Badlands National Park deletes tweets on climate change
RT @robreiner: Stops Nat'l parks from informing on climate change,lies about the election. DT is a sick childish embarrassment destroying our democracy.
RT @geekgirldiva: No. Climate change is science. Science is fact. Banning talk about science seems to be Trump's political ideology.
RT @wordweasel: Help this pick up steam!!!! This is so fucking important. As climate change gets worse, the first to suffer will be…
RT @voxdotcom: Badlands National Park tweeted some climate change facts today. It didn’t end well.
RT @jongarysteele: A Shout Out for pp at Badlands Nat Park! National Park Service Defies Trump Gag Order, Tweets Climate Change Facts
RT @ekphora: Here are the tweets that Badland National Parks posted about climate change and that were removed. Science is being…
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RT @rainbowrowell: These weren’t government secrets or controversial assertions. CLIMATE CHANGE IS SCIENTIFIC FACT.
RT @AltNatParkSer: Students, lay down your kegs you have papers to write & climate change is happening, despite what Trump claims.
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