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RT @zayndrugh: I don't like this photoshop, I want to cry. I can't #MTVStarsZayn
This Cadbury hat was all twitter stickers had and I'm too lazy to open photoshop
@VisualJDaniels face when he saw he could use photoshop for his media coursework
RT @litstylesuhl: wywiad w którym harry powiedział że zdjęcia jego i louisa to photoshop - harry płakał, nie mogę tego znieść - wiem…
RT @Photoshop: Post-apocalyptic Earth looks pretty icy according to this photo series from @nydialilian:
RT @ciudad_com: BELLEZA SIN PHOTOSHOP Flor Torrente se sumó a la tendencia d las mallas enterizas y deslumbró c/su colaless en Miam…
RT @agan0327: #gradence #FantasticBeasts #photoshop #alteredart 剛剛看了飛天小女警 朋友:「尤教授長得好眼熟,你快找張八字眉的尤教授用一下!!!!!」 前面兩張簡直犯罪臭啊,找圖一秒看到就決定是…
RT @xphinax: photoshop 100% hahaha.
Gon digitalize when the fucking schools computers start working, cause i dont want to pay for photoshop myself
Kyle's REAL Watercolor for Photoshop CreativeWork247 – Fonts, Grap…
@stephencrowther The "New Document" panels in @Illustrator and @Photoshop are so slow. What's it doing making all those clipboard templates?
#illustration gloomy winter day on my street ( 3D + Photoshop )
RT @Glinner: Can someone photoshop a pack of M&Ms renamed 'Shit Pills' so I can post it every time I'm confronted with one of their unskippable ads?
Photoshop CS5 Թեմա 3 Տեքստային ազդեցություններ էֆֆեկտներ׃ Դաս 9 ...
Видео "Photoshop CS5 Թեմա 3 Տեքստային ազդեցություններ էֆֆեկտներ׃ Դաս 9 Եռաչափ
画像から配色を参考にしたいときがあるだろう。そういうときはスポイトよりも、Color Parserが便利だ。自動でスウォッチが作成される。
RT @MSJ_love_: 話題のアプリで作れそうな画像を、敢えて「photoshop mix」と「picsart」とフリー素材の写真を組み合わせて作りました
Muka berjerawat, flex hitam, kulit kusam? Photoshop ahlinya~ #duaarrr
Alguém que saiba mexer no photoshop quer fazer uma mão pra mim?