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#photoshop #design #jobs - Flyer / poster for a funky conscious event - open to bidding by onakie
@MarkUsmianiArt Export it as a lossless .mov (i'm assuming you're using AE), then import the .mov into Photoshop and save for web as a .gif
#Avocode just released a 2016 #WebDesignReport based on #Photoshop and #Sketch designs! Check it out 👉
@CookiesandCREE I wish I was good at photoshop. I'd paste a pic of the Jamaican flag into this gif and send it to A…
RT @ThisIsWawan: Nenek dari Jepun ni umur dia 88 tahun. Tapi skill photoshop dia 😳 Salute 👏🏽
When Norton says "be creative" and suddenly your inbox is full of your classmates wanting to know if their photosho…
@ItsRedFusion It all started with a realistic Photoshop..... Or is it photoshopped
o photoshop da bnt eu nunca vou esquecer de quando eu quase morri aquelas fotos foram um tiro
tenho que fazer um negocio no photoshop mas to apanhando aqui UEHUEHUHEUHEUHEUE
@PmzYtb je sais mais d'origine je suis spécialisée dans le Photoshop et after effect ! Je prend un exemple swood est spécialisé dans le c4d!
@IANNEXTDOOR photoshop is an amazing thing
RT @RevilFox: @mattdeis I think I know you well enough to know that if you're going to photoshop a picture, you'd put a sweet laser background in there.
''para de usar photoshop e app de maquiagem nas fotos pra deixar teus olhos verdes,guria'' melhor coisa que me mandaram no cc hahahahahahaha
RT @PETTYMAMII: When I die please don't photoshop me in those ghetto ass clouds .
RT @joelyface_: Continuing this animation...Design by @MrDaniDiez #conceptart #cartoon #animation #animated #illustration #witch…
RT @memothatsource: 캔디와 초콜릿 글자를 만들 수 있는 PSD 이팩트들. [candy] [chocolate]
RT @kenroVlogs: Algún experto en Photoshop que me pueda poner en un fondo más dramático?
RT @1DMahomie25: #GTLive I feel photoshop needs to be taken from me...
I liked a @YouTube video from @corego Hang during Initialize Video Export in Adobe Photoshop CC
RT @PETTYMAMII: When I die please don't photoshop me in those ghetto ass clouds .
Finally got the photoshop app 🤗
#4: みんなの Photoshop RAW 現像教室