@OSPInteresting CONGRATULATIONS! I still refer people to your blog posts and podcast whenever they ask about Pinterest.
RT @bgzimmer: For @LanguageLog, I take an in-depth look at how @arrivalmovie meticulously recreates a linguist's office.…
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I voted by mail last week, and I'm going out to a nice dinner tonight. #freedom
@mlhelton It's about 60 minutes of video, but with reviews and quizzes it can take about 2 to 2.5 hours.
@mlhelton Sorry for the delay. I had to double check.
@CraverSan If the person doesn't want it to have a negative meaning, I think "receptive" is the better word.
@CraverSan I've only heard it used with the negative connotation, but the definition does see to imply it could be used to mean "receptive."
@whitneyllynn I'd need to see the whole sentence.
@AnnRosenstein I hear "regrammed" a lot, and I think I occasionally hear "Instagrammed," but more often I hear "posted to Instagram."
@Mattwillgo I would say I'm "on" a conference call.
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