The header image on your Twitter profile is one of the best things I've seen all year. Love it!
@WillotheGlen @SteamPrepp I agree. It's not redundant like the others, but I would probably change it to "brother."
@LisaNalbone You use apostrophes to make *single* letters plural, but the Associated Press recommends "ABCs."
Fabulous! Three cheers for copy editors. h/t @SteamPrepp
@jacquilaflamme I have an online course through @RaganComms! Thanks for asking!
@waynedixon Then you should post a picture!
@JaneEspenson I'll use that as my excuse. :-)
When you call a noun a verb, it might be time to call it a day!
Still working on your Christmas cards? Get your plural family names and salutations right with these tips!
Struggling with grading your students' papers? This is for you: A Teacher’s Christmas Carol
@RR94 @RaganComms I feel for you! It's hard to switch styles.
@algotruneman Haha. It actually annoys me because I never need the URL when I copy things. I'm sure it's just a plug in though.
If you have money left in your 2015 budget, get my AP Style course from @RaganComms!
Christmas Cards: Get your plural family names and salutations right! (I haven't done my Christmas cards yet!)
Fascinating meanings of last names such as Yamaguchi, Baxter, Fletcher, Fitzroy and more
Forensic Linguistics (Grammar Girl Quick and D via @ClammrApp More info:
Check out @MerriamWebster's tweets today--interesting behind-the-scenes info about "-ism" as their word-of-the-year choice.
@Jan__Freeman @LiteralMinded Yup, could be. I don't think it's clear either way from the line.
@Jan__Freeman @LiteralMinded I'm not sure people are actively confused. They just ask why Christmas carols sometimes have odd phrasing.
@Jan__Freeman @LiteralMinded But in the song, it's "laid to rest," not "was laid." It's really the whole line that's odd though.
@Jan__Freeman @LiteralMinded But in that context, wouldn't you say the people aren't taking action? The family is laying them to rest.