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Shady Grady - Groovette
@grady_beck MAYBE convince Katie to drive
Can't wait to be up a tree again
RT @TheSpaceGal: When do you expect we'll have a man on Mars? "Well, it could just as easily be a woman on Mars" Hero @jasonrdavis o…
The Book Review: The Right Kind of Guy by Kerri-Leigh Grady- Releas...
@MoWillPls Grady Sizemore you good?
RT @EvgeniMaIkinEgo: When you think you have a goal, but you don't... You got MAF'd
RT @KennethEade1: "Eade is one of our strongest #thriller writers on the scene" Grady Harp Amazon Hall of Fame
RT @hen_ease: @hen_ease Didn't even bother fixing his last name, that shit is impossible to spell, you all know who I mean
@Nash076 I think you just need to have a continuous livestream of Grady being Grady until this election's over #ItsForTheGreaterGood
@Grady I've lost interest
En mode enleger @GRADIDUR on attend le prochain album du petit grady πŸ‘Œ
@Gralamin1 ((Grady is a silly floof. :P))
{New Release Blast} The Right Kind of Guy by @KL_Grady via @LindseyGray11
RT @kingkakay: Aye Grady I'm poppin bottles all night next thursdayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
RT @ComplexMag: Leonardo DiCaprio is making a 'Captain Planet' movie:
Grady just asked me how to make ramen...
RT @seancarlson: At Rosie O'Grady's for @IrishAmWA's annual #iawaoneill award, celebrating Malachy McCourt. Singsong sure to ensue.
Normally, it isnt a high risk activity. I doubt Grady gets many drone victims to the ER.
RT @lil_kai_: prolly break all the shit in my body trying to do thatπŸ˜‚β€¦πŸ–•πŸΎ noπŸ’―πŸ’―