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Mingyu's runway walk better be good I'm not about to gas him if he got that Gigi hadid walk going on
.@realDonaldTrump for the want ads. "You got any American news for sale here, or just Arab news?" Mr. K says. Alpha stares at him, but ...
@ProgramV yeah i got you, im just saying why i respect him and watch his vids 😂
@LadyGaladriel17 I cannot believe that all these people are just so dedicated to him. They've got to be scared, paid off, blackmailed...
RT @Uncle_Jimbo: #Obama only bends over forwards to kow tow to foreign leaders You've got to be joking abt him not influencing the…
RT @poutyho: me: hell na i'm never fw him anymore. got me fucked up. him: come get this dick me:
RT @kevegi_: We told him that we had food at home and he was so sad didn't say a word till we got this fat monkey Chinese food a…
RT @wildestjimin: never forget when jimin got a discount in dubai for being his cute self i would have given him everything in the sh…
RT @TheNFLBeLike: Pray for my boy in the red, nothin wrong with him but he just got shook
RT @StripperPoIe: Idc what my man has or doesn't have, Imma ride with him till we got it ALL
He literally got everything I needed without me having to tell him ANYTHING
before you died we got into it & we wasn't speaking to each other & it hurt cause I forgot to tell my cousin I love him
@mrFOAMERSIMPSON look out for Sexton at Alabama next yr got another top 50 guard coming in with him also Avery Johnson is on to something
RT @ant_crolla: with him over 24 rounds. The reception I got walking out is something I will never forget. I'm sorry I couldn't repay u all with a win.
My pledge brother got hazed with a hockey stick up his ass, made him do push-ups!
RT @IslamZebari: Peshmerga got shot in the head received first aid and went right back to battle to get the ISIS sniper who shot him.
@SenateMajLdr @GorsuchFacts So why haven't you got him through and seated on SCOTUS ?
it needs to be xavier's birthday already.. i just want to see his face when he opens everything i got him😭😭
RT @CuteWonho_: Wonho was getting upset because changkyun and shownu scored more then him and then kihyun got 510 points... he's su…
RT @BriHendrixx: Don't worry sis. The same way she got him is how she gonna lose him.
@champaynedelrey A lady on the next street over took him home after he almost got ran over, she saw the flyers we put up & called me 😚
RT @BriHendrixx: Don't worry sis. The same way she got him is how she gonna lose him.
No matter what the outcome was of the game, it was truly an honor to see @KingJames for the first time! Got teary when they introduced him.
@JC1053 they got so fixated on forcing it deep that they forgot about him. Way under utilized in RZ (and everywhere) outside of the OK game