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@CraigGrannell I always got on well with Vince Cable - met him a couple of times - a thoroughly decent chap.
RT @Pjdahling: Trump Captures ISIS Leader On Day One - GOT HIM!
RT @jiminbIack: jimin literally held all the coins he got in his mouth he is like a little child i want to protect him with my life
"you got two big ass heads" they has him off the shits 😂
RT @abdullahzone: @DailyCaller Q:What do you call a pervert who's got the hots for his own daughter? A:Not sure. But you should neve…
@Makeup__Heaven @CLAIREMISSSY @shanedawson @Ryland_Adams he started drunk tweeting last night saying she kicked him out and he got her blah
@suemc_phee hi sorry for the late reply s his phone was off he was told he was loitering Hia family got him out thanks for ur help
RT @SteveStfler: Ha! She got real with him pretty quick!
RT @RoxySabella: Mendeeces got 3 FINE ass baby mamas fightin over him & he in jail.... Meanwhile I can't even get a text back 🤔 #LHHNY
RT @blogdokter: What a kid I got, I told him about the birds and the bees and he told me about the butcher and my wife ~ Rodney Dangerfield.
RT @disawooed: follow @spacetrills on new acc pls this high quality OC got him suspended
RT @BruceBourgoine: Remember laughing when third world leaders claimed they won by millions more votes than they got? #mepolitics #p2
RT @SteveStfler: Ha! She got real with him pretty quick!
RT @SteveStfler: Ha! She got real with him pretty quick!
RT @CapitalOfficial: This girl met Louis Tomlinson yesterday, asked him to draw a hedgehog but got something completely different... 👀
He's mine. You may of had him once but I got him all the time 💕✊🏽
RT @kaaybaybayy: Do you ever just look at him/her and think how you ever got so lucky?
Legendary lifestyle I got way more respect then him
RT @soIfuI: Only relationship advice I got for y'all this year is CHEAT BACK ON HIM SIS 😩😂😂
Looks like @piersmorgan is throwing his toys out thr pram cause Obi Wan got him in trouble
RT @BANGTAN_DAILY: They way jimin get taehyung's back and hugging him after because he got wrong answer are just too cute
RT @causticbob: I can't believe my flatmate accused me of opening his mail. Just for that, I'm not going to tell him he's got a job interview next Tuesday.
RT @MeechIsDEAD: A Very Evil Move. Guess those Signs At The March Really got to Him He wants women to Suffer
RT @KGasper24: All I got 😭they stole him from me man ❤my whole heart gone 5 shots brush over money
RT @AnnikaAgs: I told him I didn't like flowers, so he got me a bouquet of chicken nuggets, and I pretty much became the happiest…