ASUS ROG G750JM 17.3" Gaming Laptop Core i7 2.4Ghz/ 8GB RAM/ 1TB HDD,BT,2GB VROM
@chunfin doi ngesnap lagi ngefg nonton perform view shinee di laptop sambil "oguu oguu" "aiiinnggg" "taemining~><" "kyaaa kyeopdaaa" wqwqwq
@KrisPLettuce e-suck you off in person ? i hae a laptop that can be fulled of cum
RT @tailopez: Aaron you're welcome. Hope the MacBook Air laptop helps your business!
laptop / ノートパソコン
razer laptop dgn macbook pro ade saing2 gak . haih mana satu ni
Im really gonna use my laptop for my alarms omg
RT @DrJCThrash: A portable system for metagenomic [16S] analyses using nanopore-based sequencer and laptop computers can...
RT @jilliankushner: My laptop really has the nerve to say I have 463 GB of "other" Sounds like an alternative fact.
@sol_producer We can help with your laptop. 2017-01-24 06:15:54.074983
@sol_consumer Test 2017-01-24 06:15:51+00:00 . I need new laptop
Rain Drop. Drop Top. Hillary deleted 30,000 emails off her laptop
I'm on mobile so much I don't know how to use anything on my laptop so I feel like such a grandma trying to figure out how to use things
Also thinking about buying a USB DVD/CD-Drive for my laptop would want a blu-ray one, but I have a feeling that'd be expensive ;;
RT @sonamlovesbiebs: I am glad i have Bizzle & 2015 Justin pictures saved in my laptop safe,i will never stop praising that era,it was a…
Great my laptop isn't booting up this morning. >_>
My laptop really has the nerve to say I have 463 GB of "other" Sounds like an alternative fact.
@TweetItHowULive supposed to be cleaning up the house. But I'm tired and am glued to my laptop smh. YOU LIKE MY ALL CAPS, HUH?
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It's a woman. Yay! #Feminism She has a laptop. A laptop in what the 1800s? #Icanteven Stop this instant! What does she know? #Timeless
for sure, my boyfriend's cursing me in his sleep because of the light of my laptop
RT @CLAPBACK2016: Rain Drop Drop Top Hillary deleted 30,000 emails off of her laptop
Tips Mencegah Laptop Terkena Virus (1)