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RT @MissNRomanoff: -¿Qué estudias? -Traducción. -Uy pero eso es fácil. Te pagan por usar Google Translate.
my filipino's friend caption on his ig, trying his best in using google translate 😂
Hocayı mı dinleyim makaleyi mi okuyayım google translate de çeviri mi yapiyim derken ders bitiyor amk
If you’re a malay pon tapi daily emails in english then suddenly dapat email in malay. Mesti terbodoh kejap macam m…
me: hej rima talar du svenska google translate: hey john do you speak swedish
@ayc_ity sorry my lady ni, i feel google translate has lost me.. 私の痛みを個人的に思い出させてくれます。申し訳ありません.. 私は日本人が恋人ではなく、私があなたの前で感じたことを見ることができます。
RT @missmalindakat: When Google Translate has me eat a cupcake for a video
@lanhudiee Iya!! Udah berasa kayak menang award😎 Kalo aku pilihan pertama selalu google translate, trus ngakak art…
Google Translate has been saving weird translations from foreign languages in my "phrasebook". I did not type these…
Today, anyone can use Google translate on their phone. You can get off a plane in a foreign country and simply tal…
I liked a @YouTube video Google Translate Sings: "Mother Knows Best" from Tangled
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Google Translate Sings: "Hello" by Adele
@lelundi2pak This one was google translate but the rest weren’t
@ruhhastasialeyy “but you are strongly opposed to the mothering of a woman whom you see insufficient in all respect…
@Marrr1ah merci google translate
@ikran Yo that google translate aint helping me lol are they bashing u or are they happy for u?
RT @LoveK_5: 【9/28 韓国記事】Cjes、国内最大CG / VFX会社の経営権買収「総合エンターテイメントに跳躍 シジェスエンターテイメントは国内最大CG / VFX会社ツソンデジタルアイデアの経営権買収のための株式売買契約を締結して、映画…
RT @Monolocus: Según, el traductor de Google censura blasfemias contra Mahoma y las permite contra Jesús.
@RishiMel90 Trust you to make me use google translate 🙄
RT @jihadwatchRS: Google Translate censors obscene insult of Muhammad, allows it for Jesus
Got a little mad after reading comments under the post announcing jacks absence due to health issues. First of all,…
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This is my blog. Please come here.