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Un Blastoise salvaje ha aparecido en Zona 12 cerca de Avenida Petapa
Um Hitmonchan em (None)(22 Shis Qi 17 Conjunto 14)!Ele vai sumir 07:43:05 Faltam (11m 15s).#pokecavernah
Dratini has appeared! At 970 Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade. Disappearing in 13m 58s.
A wild Dratini has appeared! Available until 05:44:58 (13m 35s).
Най-полезните трикове в Google Maps
Um Kabuto em (Asa Norte)(None ERL - Norte)!Ele vai sumir 07:40:07 Faltam (8m 23s).#pokecavernah
Wild Poliwag available until 04:46:31 (14m 47s). IV: 93% (12/15/15). Move1: Mud Shot, Move2: Mud Bomb
A wild Grimer has appeared! Available until 03:46:30 (14m 49s).
Kadabra has appeared! At 1304 Celebrity Cir. Disappearing in 13m 59s.
A wild Pikachu appeared! It will be Etheridge Mill Road until 6:39 AM. #Pikachu #EtheridgeMillRoad #InGriffin
A wild Marowak appeared! It will be Marion Square until 6:45 AM. #Marowak #MarionSquare #PokemonGo #Charleston
A wild Squirtle appeared! It will be in Gheluvelt Park until 11:44. #Squirtle #PokemonGo #Worcester
Waze & google maps tak guna 😭 sesat dekat sejam
Un Snorlax salvaje ha aparecido en Zona 15 cerca de Unnamed Road
Obacht! #Fukano! Museggstrasse 3, 6004 Luzern bis 12:42!
RT @senjuin1010: 千手院の入口にいらっしゃる観音様にもプライバシーを尊重して頂けるグーグルさんマジ仏。>RT
RT @musalbas: It seems that with the latest versions of Android, Google Maps is on 24/7, waiting to send you notifications, with no way to disable it.
Um Charmander em (Asa Norte)(3887 Via W 3 Norte)!Ele vai sumir 07:36:03 Faltam (5m 8s).#pokecavernah
Най-полезните трикове в #Google Maps -
A wild Wartortle appeared! It will be on The North Shore until 6:36 AM. #Pittsburgh #Pokemon
A wild Magnemite appeared! It will be Around the College of Arts and Sciences until 6:40 AM. #Magnemite #PokemonGo
RT @ars_ves: Удобная карта, чтобы узнать свой округ и список своих кандидатов. Посмотреть и потом выбрать. Петербург.
RT @FastCompany: Android users must delete Google Play and Maps if they don’t want their locations tracked
A wild Grimer appeared at Downtown Fayetteville! Available until 6:45 AM. #FayPokemon #PokeWatchFAY