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#PeligroenVía : Av. Javier Prado Este 1178, San Isidro 15036
Houndoom available until 01:28:32pm (29m 49s). Fire Fang / Fire Blast (48.9% - 8/10/4)
Granbull (60.0% 5/13/9, Snarl/Play Rough), until 12:55:14pm.
IB: Stantler (33.3%IV 3/12/0 Tackle/Megahorn). TTH: 10:28:35am [29m 47s]
Southwood Lakes Dratini 28m 33s 60.0 3 10 14 Dragon Breath Twister
Sunbow: Snorlax 60.0% (9/9/9, Zen Headbutt/Earthquake) til 09:59:49 (0m 59s).
RT @UNDP: "We have a responsibility to protect this beautiful planet we live on," our champion @nikolajcw on #climateaction
Exeggutor in NW Morningside until 12:26:39(29m 18s). IV:40.00% unknown/Seed Bomb.
A 73.33% IV wild Poliwrath has appeared! Moveset: Bubble / Ice Punch. Available until 19:23:30 (24m 46s).
Wartortle available until 01:27:54pm (29m 18s). Bite / Ice Beam (82.2% - 13/15/9)
A wild Teddiursa (95.6%,14/15/14) (Scratch,Play Rough) has appeared! Available until 10:23:50 (25m 12s).
RT @hh5ss: 🔴 عمالة فلبينية متخصصة🔴 🔹توضيب (( قير_دفرنس_مكينة)) 🔹فحص كمبيوتر 🔹كهربائي 🔹برمجة 0504776113📞 #نجران_الان رابط الموق…
A wild Skarmory (53.3%,15/3/6) (Steel Wing,Flash Cannon) has appeared! Available until 10:04:01 (5m 26s).
Morena: Grimer 26.7% (5/5/2, Mud Slap/Mud Bomb) til 10:07:15 (8m 33s).
Chikorita available until 01:28:21pm (29m 53s). Tackle / Grass Knot (93.3% - 15/12/15)
@January22_2006 that's such a weird place. I was curious and checked it out on google maps one day.
Togetic in NW Singing Hills until 12:26:58(29m 48s). IV:0.00% unknown/unknown.
A wild Parasect (31.1%,0/3/11) (Fury Cutter,Solar Beam) has appeared! Available until 10:13:03 (14m 36s).
RT @KanteFacts_: Google street maps were developed by strapping a camera to N'golo Kante during his morning runs #KanteFacts
Chinchou available until 01:27:37pm (29m 20s). Bubble / Bubble Beam (91.1% - 13/15/13)
RT @L_SH_C: موقع مجمع لمسة الشفاء الطبي - Google Maps
Mid-City: Growlithe 100.0% (15/15/15, Ember/Flamethrower) til 10:25:20 (26m 57s).
RT @bou_sanad: دعوة لحضور ومؤازره صغار العربي في المباراةالنهائية غدا أمام الأهلي السعودي وذلك في ملاعب بوليفارد ، يستاهلون الحضور…
RT @Raa_kid: What's your greatest achievement? Me: work.....on Google Maps...