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RT @_fanxing: to all other sm artist stans mad about how high-quality yixing's mv looks when their faves' solo endeavors didn't g…
RT @Kay_Minajj: The Goodbye video The Woman Like Me video The Documentary
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killing myself goodbye twitter hates getting too me
RT @ashleylynch: @FirstProgenitor Where is that rule written that it has to be permanent? Cause goodbye also to Flatliners, Deadpool…
Just smashed the heck out of my toes and my foot is pulsing and bleeding. Goodbye cruel world
RT @yeoliexxx: kemarin : - iKON rilis mv goodbye road - EXO upgrade new logo sekarang : - Hanbin iKON ulang tahun - EXO rilis c…
RT @babybab95: That doubleb hi-5 today during goodbye road and bobby smiling like a kid 😄
RT @etnow: Dancing With the Stars: Juniors sadly said goodbye to another talented dance duo.
I don’t think Bruno Mars will ever top ‘Too Good to Say Goodbye’ 🔥🔥🔥
Hi. The Wrecks are a very good rock n roll band. Goodbye.
i’m selling a saturday escape ticket for $200 in los angeles. don’t message me and ask how much or where. read the…
RT @izabellafr: Harry saying goodbye to Meghan 👋 😭♥️
RT @DaniLuvnPeace: Why do I feel like this is Rock's goodbye episode...I'm not ready!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 #TWD
RT @inspirestagram: "sorry" vs "I'm sorry" "night" vs "goodnight" "bye" vs "goodbye" "love you" vs "I love you" All have two different meanings.
untuk mengimbangi kemisqueenan ini sprtinya q harus say goodbye sama gojek/grab dulu dan mulai kembali ber-angkot ria👌
RT @tttgnanii: Jinani: We all talked everything we want and I’m actually afraid of it Didn’t we say too much thing But since we’re…
RT @cevansdoritos: chris evans trying to tweet goodbye to steve rogers in the least hurtful way possible