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@JYSexton If he's at 21 Club on 52nd, he's downing a good burger. Too bad when I had lunch there, I spotted a roach on the booth. True.
I wanna try a good burger
Today my case got dismissed, I finished my study abroad app, I ain't get a parking ticket, and I ate a really good burger, way, way up
Bem vindo ao Good Burger a casa do hamburger, posso anotar o seu pedido?
@xoxojyn_ right at good burger and steak and shake
Had a damn good burger from @Whataburger. Was craving it. Now I wanna nap 😂
@EdgeTenebris deflecting? Nawl and good burger? Try again mudasucka
RT @WeAre90sKids: Who remembers Good Burger? 😂🍔🍟
@Tra_Royal You deflecting? Travee "Good Burger" Gibbs.
@GeneralSam123 I have never been to either of those. Why are their no good burger joints in or around my town Uncle Rabi
@encilatte Good Burger with nothing on it please.
@karlaaselenaa "I'm eating such a good burger I had to call you and tell you about it"
This lil boy bugging me to watch good burger 🍔😂
Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger. Can I take your order?
I'm watching Good Burger with my daughter and laughing way harder than a man my age should be.
I hate those short "good burger Ed braids" , like why do you have those ?
RT @kammy______: Man I want a good burger
Man I want a good burger
I got a taste for a Good Burger with Ed's special sauce.
Just had a burger from Good Burger 😋
If you love a good burger, here are the 13 absolute best restaurants to get one in Texas!
Hahaha @King_llamaa you look like this nigga from good burger