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RT @daisydixonwatch: Santa's come early this year! WIN Annie Gold and Mink for Day 5 of our #AdventCalendar. To enter follow, RT & hasht…
I'm not praising no man who "loves me", watches me go thru hell, & promises me a land of gold once I die. 🤔 I recognize game
RT @xocult: her attitude is "idgaf" but her heart is gold
RT @LibyaLiberty: The first eight responses to this tweet are solid gold. $59.99 Slayer Gold Eagle Black Mens Hockey Jersey Shirt (Medium)
RT @toppskickdan: £8 each or £60 for all 10 Thiago gold gc
@captxinamari btw, my smurf is low gold if u ever wanna play ranked with me on there!!
Gold vendor Affinity Wedding Photography believe that every wedding is a unique story. He focus on capturing the...
RT @gotHighOps: CloudNativeCon – Energetic Early Settlers, But A Gold Rush Still by @fintanr
RT @gsamiazpy: ■■■■■SMAP■■■■■ ♪ ススメ! 発売直前急遽生産中止となった SMAP幻の36枚目シングル…… 2004年9月8日(水)発売中止 『ススメ!GOLD盤』 VICL-35741 定価:¥950 #SMAP
主題歌 「聖闘士神話 〜ソルジャードリーム〜」 作詞 - 只野菜摘 作曲 - 松澤浩明 編曲 - 清水武仁 & ats- 歌 - ROOT FIVE #saintseiya_gold #suntv
It's the season where too much gold is never an issue! Sparkle and shine this Christmas with gorgeous gold accessor…
RT @FEWeek: GOLD MEDAL | Landscape Gardening | Will Burberry & Adam Ferguson - CONGRATULATIONS #teamUK #euroskills2016
RT @l0ttiehall: The new Spotify billboards are gold
@Judecairns is Thiago gold GC worth more than 15/16 Sanchez home kit?
@ahnaafnani I bought the rose gold sebab my cousin dah beli jet black
#NowPlaying Be Your Everything by Boys Like Girls back to the gold ol days ♫
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【英単語】「Gold(黄金)」⇒【関連ポケモン】●No42:ゴルバット ●英語名:Golbat ●他:「Bat(コウモリ)」も覚えよう ●
A Chicago architect has a unique idea to give the city "visual relief" from Trump Tower's giant "TRUMP" sign…
RT @iammaf_: Bila orang da tak suka, buatlah apa pun leman. Tak jalan. Hati manusia kan macam cuaca. Berubah2. Tapi yang mampu setia tak kira apa. Gold.