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@davidobank 😂😂😂 I feel your pain... Well you directed us to goggle You should learn to stop abbreviating... You sou… https://t.co/DHquwIcpTJ
@My_Goggle You seen the other comments about you? Bunch of pricks who know nothing about you LUL
If anyone loves me and wants to help me be able to go see a doctor, DM me for my gmail that's connected to Goggle P… https://t.co/y3gcpFR9Kp
"Okay Goggle", "Shut me off"
Looks like Reddit ain't such a bad place after all. :) https://t.co/3AM4NnPSmm
@IGN If you give Red Dead 2 anything less than a 10, I'm blocking you forever. :)
@KNJ_BTS25 She talked to google and goggle said the same thing
@MunibaKamal CNN will put him out of business.Remmber what Israeli late prime minister Ariel Sharon said “ We run America ,” goggle it
@realDonaldTrump Lol. Got to goggle news all you see is cnn
RT @phootahh: ペンギン保育園 「世界一過酷な子育てをする」と言われる皇帝ペンギンはヒナが成長して餌の量が増えると、オスとメス両方が海に出る。 この頃ヒナが集まり「クレイシ(フランス語でCrècheクレッシュ、保育所の意味)」という集団を作る。… https://t.co/ILrmZgN0n3
@My_Goggle You started a trend train dude, ROLL WITH IT
@MrMakistein what if its just your brain processing that for yourself? I don't see how this "life simulation" has t… https://t.co/9z6Qf9AXEe
@pilot_goggle 東北は寒いですね… 寒暖の差が激しいので、風邪引かないように気をつけて下さいね!😊
#100bykzee Goggle keyword to find this song 100 by kzee download and vibe!! https://t.co/CitXFLQ8EY
Kung nawala sa bookmark nyo ang site pwde nyo e goggle #PushAwardsMayWards