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.@2ndCityHockey Sure wish they'd included Shaw's headbutt goal! Yeah it was disallowed ... but CLASSIC Andrew Shaw! https://t.co/q6n6k52L8r
Another San Lorenzo goal disallowed for offside, again correctly.
Not sure if I agree or disagree with that disallowed goal. It was really close. #tmltalk
Leafs goal disallowed...
Who was that Liverpool player before he joined scored that unreal disallowed goal
@BrettHogantips I agree on the 2-1. Disallowed goal quite early shouldn't affect the result
Pre match was 2-2 on this, min have had a goal disallowed already. So now this, expecting a late goal for min. https://t.co/VJQZdAmwaQ
@FrazLaidlaw there was a goal disallowed for miniero and they take forever to update the markets properly, should be back by HT
RT @MelanieLocks: Tihago Silva's crazy disallowed goal! #psg #soccer #impossible https://t.co/v4TRBFWKka
@Spencertipster this boomed but now it's showing 0-0, did the goal get disallowed? Only i've been paid out for it
Miniero goal has been disallowed.
Atlético goal disallowed by the assistant.
RT @TheIceGarden: From @DigDeepBSB: Video Review: were the Riveters robbed of a goal? (with .gifs!) #NWHL https://t.co/Hd3qnmbtbg https://t.co/3Mc6naxBIf
@PodcastPeldroed 2/2 but always remembered Tosh disallowed goal from Yugoslavia as being from the Anfield match. Only found truth recently
How that goal was disallowed I don't know. Looks well across the line!Challenge for the league and most importantly… https://t.co/i39aqinKSO
Scoring a 90th minute goal to win an online game in FIFA and having it disallowed for offside https://t.co/IT7ZY1fM8u
Discounting the blatent handball and a perfectly good goal disallowed 1-5 sounds fairer Believe the woodwork was y… https://t.co/itQkd3u1ES
Luck WAS on their side until the end. Dover's first goal shouldn't have stood, we had one disallowed and we hit the… https://t.co/LJWwVgt6tY
Some late action with both teams scoring but a disallowed goal ruins the over 2.5
@Chris_Logan18 @Tom_Horton99 have been playing quite well all game, hit Woodwork like 3 times and had a goal wrongly disallowed
RT @ATH_SoccerNews: Ronaldo Goal Disallowed because of Nani 😂 https://t.co/TeKQmHxpAu
OMG we've hit the woodwork 4 odd times and we had a goal disallowed when it should of stood and they scored a handball goal but finally! 1-1