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RT @BosnjoBoy: @BosnjoBoy (4) Live: Fist fight between USA specOps & Rebels as later refuse to cooperate with them #Syria #حلب #Aleppo #الباب
RT @SoccerGrlProbs: IM TEARY EYED 😢 #USA wins 9-0 in honor of #9! A true role model...thanks for everything @HeatherOReilly https://t.co/KZRY4AkFd9
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@garboy4 @realDonaldTrump @Since11Sep2015 @Kacee50 *for me and many others, I still don't believe Obama was born in the USA.
Thanks to the 22 new followers from Italy, USA, and more last week. See https://t.co/CDRtKHzOQ7 https://t.co/6fVoDAg6Z1
RT @RusBotWien: #RUS: #USA müssen Versprechen zur Trennung der „gemäßigten“ Opposition von de facto al-Qaida Gruppierungen umsetzen https://t.co/eepEDyhrUm
@nele_hewitt Das ist so ärgerlich :c Bei Etsy gibt's auch so schönen Kram aber auch aus den USA .__.
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Leurs sales guerres : les #USA ont dépensé prés de 5.000 milliards $ pour (...) - CAPJPO - EuroPalestine https://t.co/XWbs2ITzGu
RT @TNBadrick: The merger of @Bayer and @MonsantoCo can only be seen as negative news for #organicfarming, especially in USA. > @narelleford @millyash1966
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RT @iGagaCharts: “Poker Face” é o single mais vendido de Lady Gaga, vendendo um total de 14M de cópias WW e 10M no USA! https://t.co/RIHEojuptO
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Old Sana'a historical city residents have no shelter now, due to #USA missiles #StopArmingSaudi https://t.co/EHug4Wr1ji
RT @MIZCHL: #iOS10 USA: let's ban the gun emoji bc it promotes violence The World: why not ban real guns? USA: https://t.co/WCoABg0ZdA
RT @RT_America: House urges Obama not to pardon #Snowden, claims he is ‘not a whistleblower’ https://t.co/3qJBfEUqoM https://t.co/zaI79t7q9l
みんみんがおかしくなった( ᐛ )( ᐕ)アハハハ https://t.co/QOZhQ6Mxft
IRONIK | Perdamaian konflik Syria sebenarnya ditentukan oleh USA dan Russia, dua kuasa besar yg miliki 95% drp 17,000 bom nuklear dunia.
RT @AbdMalekHussin: Allahyarham Ustaz Haron Din disemadikan di San Francisco USA, sebagaimana menurut amanat terakhirnya. Dimana jua, Bumi ini milik Allah SWT.
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