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RT @BritneyPlage: Bonsoir, nous sommes en 2018, les USA autorisent le personnel médical à ne pas soigner une personne en fonction de… https://t.co/EVpvXSTBg2
RT @LeMediaTV: Les USA sont le pays ou il y a le + de prisonniers au monde. Plus en valeur absolue qu'en Chine + Russie. Dans la g… https://t.co/n0oa1EtTlt
I have 46 new followers from USA, UK., and more last week. See https://t.co/VQs0Sad3Mr https://t.co/uWzWBq8vxa
‘After Afrin, Americans feel threatened by Turkey’s vow to strike US-backed Kurds in Manbij’ https://t.co/tBkzKWkvlo
@00HYC00 @WuTan6 @TobiasHuch IS iat aus dem irak in den schutz von Assas geflohen vor den USA
@usa_usap_q 日頃の行いがいいからみんな優しくしてくれるんだよ〜♪♪ 私も仲良くしてもらえてとっても嬉しいよ!(*´∇`*)
@vooda1 Worlds approval of USA leadership drop to NEW LOW. https://t.co/w90cpUPZKq
@x_usa_nn ほんとそうだね…今年はたくさん絡もう。まじで。
Stand up And be Proud of USA
RT @clivebushjd: In Pennsylvania, women who voted for @realDonaldTrump voice support after first year🇺🇸 #MAGA Plenty of more room o… https://t.co/aIJn5JATcZ
RT @Altair_0330: 🇺🇸 DISTRIBUTION FAN EVENT in USA, CANADA 🇨🇦 🍑details are yet to be decided, plz check announcement on my twitter… https://t.co/K2v3Jk6AnR
RT @R2kiFXO4gqjHZNd: フラワー長井線知ってる人リツイート! おねがいします! https://t.co/SqTjIGS1sx
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RT @bamtyoongi: Bighit sube fotos a Facebook pero que hacen desubicados no ven que nadie usa Facebook ahí están los niños ratas, su… https://t.co/eslYbweji0
Zamknięcie rządu USA: NASA na urlopie bezpłatnym, żołnierze bez pieniędzy, najwyższe władze bez uszczerbku https://t.co/nsmOViKgCi
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RT @kenmckelvey224: How can USA & UK Waffle On About Freedom & Democracy & Support the Israeli Tyrants Who Jail & Murder Palestinians in Palestine,
#Locum Tenens Emergency Medicine Physician in Location : Sikeston, MO, USA, #ERMedicine #Sikeston More:… https://t.co/rBZ6f04KP9
RT @stevenacurtis: Jen Psaki: Four ways Trump's first year have made us less safe https://t.co/0D22vCRjY5 Via @CNN✔️#CNN #News #World #Media #USA
RT @BarghoutKawtar: Il #Presidente #Roosvelt nel 1933 per risollevare gli #Usa dalla crisi iniziata nel 1929 ha attuato il #NewDeal. N… https://t.co/Fi8xYb5PHJ