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RT @OH_mes: MONSTA X will guest on FOX5 'Good Day New York' Broadcast July 23 (USA Time) https://t.co/4QGaN2shn8 https://t.co/XO0FzZADC1
@_usa_5555naka それは草wwwww 跡をつけてってるんですねw
@realDonaldTrump "Public threatening Public on twitter = Account suspended." You're inciting danger, n harm to all… https://t.co/BvgDL2y8vO
RT @ronchasss: la raza más débil es la que usa espátula pa darle vuelta a su quesadilla
23 Luglio 1967 – Detroit (Michigan) forse peggior rivolta della storia USA scoppia nella 12ª strada a prevalenza afroamericana 43 morti
RT @Paco_Glez_: 1988, Alfonso Guerra usa avión oficial para ir a los toros a la Maestranza. 2008, Zapatero usa el avion oficial par… https://t.co/zMwVoiAd16
Buffalo NY #USA - PSYCHIATRY PHYSICIAN - ... and assisted treatment and addictions experience through the prescript… https://t.co/Mh2V1Ss0Qm
USAツアーメンバー発表🇺🇸 中盤から後ろは結構ガチ。 右列には聞いたことのあるプリマ出の選手達がちらほら… あれ?チンピラは? https://t.co/Ugf2ks3Rf0
@GayRepublicSwag As a conservative, I accept all of you, as your business with consenting adults is NONE of my busi… https://t.co/3AQkknTZPe
Przywódca Iranu oświadczył wczoraj, że "Ameryka powinna wiedzieć, że wojna z Iranem to matka wszystkich wojen https://t.co/NsA5rZCtUH
RT @sofimorandiOk: Vieron esas viejas que te dicen ese chico es gay? Si, ay que desperdicio... señora desperdicio es su cheicon que no la usa hace 6 décadas
You’re a #TRAITOR committing #TRE45ON every time to stand with Putin/Russian over the USA. We are NOT fooled.… https://t.co/fnFkBzy6EM
RT @GameOnPatriots1: Judge rules a convicted terrorist can keep U.S. citizenship😳 He is to be released in 2020 & if he attempts another… https://t.co/ww3Nbn5y3r
@kirkacevedo @realDonaldTrump Putin didn't directly threatened the USA with a great war. Iran did. You understand t… https://t.co/DDW6jP1edl
@georgewalker88 Doch! Das Problem ist dass du nur die Presse liest die für die CIA arbeitet oder für die RüstungsIn… https://t.co/47lsfwK8WQ
RT @spa_guide: Cabazon CA USA - #MASSAGE THERAPIST - #SPA OC - MASSAGE THERAPIST - SPA OC Cabazon CA Description MASSAGE THERAPIST… https://t.co/JF82hqVrzm
RT @STATSAWARDS: 📈 VMA stats update for Best Dance 1° Get Low: 72.8K 2° O... : 44.4K • DIFFERENCE 28.4K • VOTE FOR… https://t.co/15DfPuPYmW
@KikuKicksAss (Both so precious. Must protec)
... mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, f… https://t.co/xzeZtKNiXt
@ashleadavie @RandPaul With ALLIES like those who needs enemies? Btw, all PRESIDENTS in the past have talked to FOR… https://t.co/zz4GxBYQt5
RT @stories_disney: 2. 성에 가까워질수록 건물들을 더 낮게 지어 main street usa에서 성에 다가가는 길은 실제보다 더 길게 느껴지도록 하고 성에서 입구로 나설 때는 입구가 더 가깝게 느껴지는 수평적 forced p… https://t.co/dSr5cbU63F
RT @YaraRamirez01: Extraño el tuiter de antes. Donde cualquier “cosa” era motivo de cadenas de tuits y diversión. HT’s populares. Ahor… https://t.co/0vGHOUx3Vb
@ria_usa_rabbit デスクワークだからむしろくそ寒いまでありますあります