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@nanapopo22 おはようございます(*^-^)、起こしてもらって宅配便屋さんサンキューなのですヾ(°∇°*) オイオイ
لو عاوز تكلمني واتس اب وتشوف باقي صوري رقمي الخاص وباقي صوري من خلال هنا.. https://t.co/DtMWMzZceI فحل babes AM1W https://t.co/tPLxRD1UEs
Wall Street off as Trump agenda weighed; Dow down for eighth day https://t.co/zQEc10SXRh via @ReutersIndia
[USA Today: Broncos Wire] - Broncos will begin offseason program on April 10 https://t.co/L4kHbpIOCA
If you are from the #USA, I'd love to hear from you and discuss the differences of culture professionally. #Entrepreneur #Exchange
Note 7 coming back as a refurb? Interesting. I wonder which markets will approve that. Looks like they've given up on the USA.
انا مريم من الاسكندريه للتواصل فون من هنا.. https://t.co/fd1Ywr69ad فحل babes BTL8 https://t.co/sEafBVv3Dq
@HassanPRG @kimberlymontse1 "Detaining peaceful protesters is an affront to democratic values." It is a common practice in USA
#Baltimore #MD #USA - Consultant Relations Manager US Intermediaries - PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THE POSITIO... https://t.co/z6i2OwMMKB #WORK #JOB
#Seattle #WA #USA - Sales Representative - #Job Description Description Genesee Scientific Corporation is ... https://t.co/jHIhvY2N6A #WORK
RT @PaperWash: [ISIS destroying America] USA: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS ISIS: because of the "cash me outside" girl USA: ok yeah that actually makes sense
RT @jintherapper: namjoons literally thinking abt how hoseok jst made sure they never get invited onto a usa show ever again https://t.co/KkSI3yN8zi
WATCH: Overview of Nurse Immigration to the USA - PassportUSA https://t.co/lRpEdAegXN
@retuxflavor はやくやりたいけど金がない((高い))
usa a primeira merda q aparecer
RT @BTS_National: [INFO] 170328 Fox Now 4 Morning Blend interviews #BTS and report about their current activities in USA (… https://t.co/HMqgN1HObf
I agree with Patrick Henry: Give me Liberty or give me death. #USA #Freedom #LibertyForAll
RT @Reuters: Senator seeks ethics probe of Mnuchin's 'Lego Batman' comment https://t.co/B2WV5MAoae https://t.co/zHy9guEzi6
مطلقه وحبه اتجوز مرة تانيه اللي جاهز يدخل هنا ويكلمني للتواصل فون او واتس من هنا.. https://t.co/16tf35julN فحل bab… https://t.co/KHe7a6M13S